70+ year old haunted house

So I’m new here but wanted to post these stories I have about my 70+ year old family home. So I still currently live in my family home, I’ve been living back here for the past 3 years.

My grandpa, nan and father all passed away inside the house, so there’s history here.

The first time inexperienced something in this house was quite a few years ago, I was with my friends and we were playing a prank on another friend who was sleeping at the time, we were going to barge into the room he was sleeping in and wave sparklers in his face and make a lot of noise to wake him up, I decided to film this and share it with my other friends. When I looked back at the footage the next day while we were preparing to barge into the room we were trying to be quiet not to wake him, there was a very clear voice in the video that didn’t belong to anyone there. It had a very thick American accent and said “Get out of my way” none of us heard it in that moment only in the video.

Another time I experienced something in the house was when I was having an argument with my girlfriend and mid sentence all the taps on the house turned on at the same time. Now this could be due to faulty plumbing but it scared the crap out of both of us enough to stop arguing. Not too sure if this is paranormal or not.

I have been touched by something on my neck while washing dishes, I was home alone and washing dishes late at night and felt a cold almost wet touch stroke the back of my neck. It made the hairs on my neck stand up and sent tingles down my arms.

But now we get to the interesting stuff, so because the house is very old we have had it renovated and now the activity has multiplied.

Just last night I heard someone walking down my hallway and stop outside my bedroom. (No one was home just me) Doors are open when I know I’ve shut them and doors are closed when I know I’ve left them open. But the weirdest one has only started in the last few nights. When I’m in bed at night I hear someone walking on my roof. Not an animal, like human steps. I’ve rushed outside with a torch to check thinking there was something or someone actually on my roof but nothing. It has happened every night at around midnight without fail. Just someone on my roof.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff over the years but this house is definitely haunted but I don’t feel unsafe. I feel as if my family are making it known that they are here with me still.

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