A black shadow

I saw something when I was a teen and I don’t know if I truly saw something, or if my eyes played tricks on me. I was a teen, a junior in high school, and I have a kid brother who was one and half at the time. My parents house is a traditional shot gun type style and my dad turned the garage into a dinning room. It’s also connected to our kitchen so if you sit in the dinning room, you’ll have a clear view of the hallway. My room is at the end of the hallway, and my brother was sleeping in there. I didn’t know that my mom had put him to sleep in my room at the time. I was doing homework and my mom was in the back gardening. My grandma also live with us and she was in the living room watching tv.

I was super focused doing homework and got really thirsty. I went to grab my glass of water when in the corner of my eye, I saw a really dark shadow. I turned slowly and this thing looked like a dark black blob of that makes sense. It doesn’t look like a person or a silhouette of anything resembling a person. I sat there and saw this black, blob looking shadow thing, slowly going into my bedroom and my train of thought got interrupted by my baby brother screaming. He started yelling and ran out of the bedroom. Because he’s only a bit over a year, he doesn’t know how to walk/run well yet, so he was tripping over and crawling half the time. He was bawling his eyes out and was screaming for our mom.

I was pre occupied after with calming him down. But after that instance, I have never see the black shadow again. He also couldn’t sleep alone anymore. He used to be able to sleep anywhere my mom set him on but after the instance, he would sleep and then startled into a bawling aftermath.

I couldn’t explain that say and I still think about it from time to time when I visit my parents. I have never see the thing again. My brother eventually grew up and outgrew the fear of sleeping alone. Has anyone ever experience anything like that? Saw something like a super dark black shadow? I usually see shadow like people. They have an outline of a person. So seeing a black blob was just weird.

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