A ghost insulted me? – By levilawliet

My mum and i are currently in singapore visiting my sister and helping her out with various thing because her third child was born.

A ghost insulted me

One day in the afternoon, both my 3 year old and 2 year old nephews already went to school, at this time my brother in law was already out, while my mum was probably in the living room and my sister and her newborn baby were in the master bedroom, and i was in the guest’s room playing my tablet then out of nowhere i heard a voice saying “pipsqueak”. Please note that i was on the 18th floor so i do not think it was the voice of people from the ground and less so from the neighbors, the reason is that if it was, it would have sounded more like shouting for the sound to reach me, but what so unsettling was that the tone was so normal and calm like…. it was coming from a person next to me. Another thing is that, i was in singapore and the voice had a British accent, not singaporean accent. Although i am vietnamese, i went to australia since 13 year old so unlike many other fobs, i am able to tell the differences in American, British and several countries’ accents.

Now i do not want to attribute everything to the doing of a ghost, perhaps there was a possibility of my neighbor’s voice being able to reach me without shouting or speaking up, if any of you are expert or have some knowledge in physicis (related to sounds and sonic) please let me know what are the possibilities or could it really be paranormal.