A shape shifting demon is trying to take my baby brothers and I don’t know what to do anymore

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, I’m looking for advise and I need help.

It all started when my younger sister, Gabby, was between the ages of 2-3, shes now 6. At the time our house had one kids room upstairs and two downstairs. Gabby was in the one downstairs while me (15F) and our other sister (10) were (and still am) in the downstairs rooms. This is important.

Gabby would say that something would come out of her closet at night and pinch her, she called it “moose” and if that’s not scary enough yet, it gets worse. When I asked Gabby to describe “moose” she said he was tall, black, and wore a suit and top hat. One day we were at our grandmas house in the country. There’s a line of trees surrounding her house and Gabby told me this. She said a man in white came down from the sky and gave her a doll and moose took this doll and is hiding in the woods with it and wants her to come get it back. Some how I knew he was gonna take her and I was scared. After that day moose stopped bothering her, I think because he failed at his initial attempt to get her.

Everyone else thought he was gone but I knew he wasn’t. My mom had twin boys so we added another room to the basement and the boys got the upstairs room. Right away I was uncomfortable with this but now my fears have been revealed. Moose is back and he’s trying to take my brothers. We’ve found out he’s a shape shifter and I’ve seen him when he crawled across our couch in the night while I was awake. I’m scared for my brothers and we’ve asked our pastor to come bless our house but he won’t because we sage and call ourselves mediums, because we are mediums. We’ve done holy water but he won’t go away. He’s trying to take my brothers. If you know me then you know that nothing matters more to me than my siblings.

Moose hates me and I can feel it. He doesn’t want me getting in the way of him taking my brothers like I did when it came to my sister. I’m scared for my brothers. I need advise and help now.

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