Alone in abandoned factories, or am I?

Ever since I was young I’ve always been interested in Urbex. For those of you who don’t know what it is it’s exploring old abandoned places. I loved it so much so that I would often go alone. But after this happened to me, urbex really isn’t my style anymore.

A couple of years ago it was rumored that there was a network of tunnels that run underneath these old ruins and abandoned factories. They had been around since the town was built in the 1800s. The tunnels were built to serve as some sort of fallout shelter.

Alone in abandoned factories, or am I

I never much believed it myself so I took it upon myself to prove that they were false claims. So I grabbed my pack, two flashlights,extra batteries, and a couple small odds and end and set off into the woods.

The location was only about a 20 minute walk into the woods behind my house. I set off at 10 a.m. just for some assurance that I wouldn’t get caught out in the dark. I made it to the buildings around 10:30 and began my way into the building making sure not to trip over all the old equipment and broken glass.

Upon entering the factory I could have sworn I heard a faint laughing coming from somewhere deep within. I just chocked it up to wind or something stupid and kept on going. The deeper I got, the fouler the air became.It was apparent that no one had been here for a while.

I got so deep that the spray paint faded and there wasn’t anymore broken bottles. Not a sign of life that anyone was here. The light from the entrance fell out of sight, and you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. Complete and utter darkness.

As I reached the end of the hallway I was sure that this was it, nothing but a wall. I took one step closer to the wall, I heard a hollow metallic sound. I shown my flashlight at the ground and what was there excited me but also gave me a bad gut feeling.

There it was a metal grate on the floor latched with an old padlock.I reached into my bag and pulled out my bolt cutters. Never leave the house without them while going urban exploring. It took a little force but with one good snap the lock broke in half.

It took a lot but I managed to pry the grate up The dank air hit me in an instant. I shown my flashlight into the grate which revealed and old rusty ladder straight down. I said to myself “it’s now or never time to see what these rumors are all about,” I descended into the pitch black hole.

On the last couple steps down I could have sworn I heard that same laughter from the top of the ladder. This only made me get down quicker in fear of being caught.The moment I hit the ground the tunnels branched out three different directions. I chose the middle and started my way down it.

For some reason the feeling of being watched started and I couldn’t shake the feeling. I kept telling myself “there is nothing down here and I am just being paranoid”. Then I heard it it’s sounded like wheezing coughing laughter. Only it was coming from behind echoing from one of tunnels next to me.

I was trying to think rationally “maybe someone followed me down here? yeah that’s it” I kept going deeper and deeper into the tunnels. They just led straight for what seemed like never ending. Eventually I came to a single room, the tunnel kept going down.

I walked it and was immediately hit with a foul smell. It smelled like a decaying body that was sitting out it 100 degree weather for two weeks it was absolutely putrid. I knew something wasn’t right and immediately turned for the door and walked out.

At this point I started feeling like I shouldn’t have came down here like no one should come down here. While thinking what do in the narrow tunnel I heard what sounded like a labored wheezing breathing. I turned and looked to my right.

My flashlight shined and what I saw scared the fucking shit out of me. It looked like a man but it couldn’t have been it was just too wrong. It looked as if it’s flesh was rotting off its body, hunched down to kneeling position with it hands on the ground.

It’s eyes those fucking eyes they haunt me in my dreams to this fucking day. The purest black you can imagining, all black. It felt like I was locked on them for minutes, but in reality was only a few seconds before it let out the loudest scream that made my ears ring.

I ran as fast as I have in my entire life. I was so scared I didn’t even lose my breath. I kept running and running the sound a fast foots steps seemed to echo the concrete. It couldn’t have been less then 15 feet behind me.

I was shining my flashlight ahead hoping every step I’m closer to the ladder. Just as I was thinking this is it I saw the ladder. I leapt at it and started to climb as fast as humanly possible.

But I wasn’t fast enough and I felt a strong hand grip around my ankle. I shook and pulled and it wouldn’t budge. In a last minute decision I grabbed the ladder and let go with my other leg and kicked down as hard as I could.

I felt my heel connect with this things head and it released and dropped. I got out and slammed the grate down as hard as I could. I kept running down the tunnel back to the entrance not wanting to take any chances.

As I’m running I hear another scream but sounding different this time. It was coming from directly In front of me. I wasn’t stopping no matter what and pushed on as I’m getting closer to the entrance I began to see spray paint and bottles again.

Then out of no where I see it another one of these motherfuckers. My adrenaline was running through the roof so I crossed my arms and braced. I hit it with all I had and heard it hit the ground with a sickening thud.

I kept running until I finally saw daylight I was so relieved I began to tear up. I made it out and kept running all the way to my house without stopping. I got home took a shower and just laid on my bed staring at the ceiling for the rest of that day.

Not wanting to remember that thing and those god damn eyes.That was three years ago I still haven’t been urbexing or near that factory again. I know something is down there and they watch you from the dark. There’s a reason those tunnels were supposed to remain rumors. And that’s how it should stay.

They should seal those tunnels off to assure that no one goes down there. Because they are down there. They will try to kill you. I hear rumors about them knocking the old place down. But for some reason some of the town people are trying to save it. Makes you wonder if something is going on…

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