An Inquiry into the Scientific Existence of Ghosts

My roommate and I were contemplating the existence of space, time, matter, energy, and gravity, as one tends to do, and we eventually got around to the topic of ghosts. The question that came up was “are they real?”, not necessarily existentially, but rather scientifically. To what extent are ghosts scientifically detectable phenomena? Or are they a purely spiritual existence, in which case I might have to come back to you with different questions. It would be awesome if you could answer our questions, but if some of them are a bit harder to answer due to lack of available data or an incomplete understanding on our part, I completely understand. If you could direct us to someone who may know the answer, that would be absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your time 😊

Do ghosts show up on infrared cameras?

– If so, that would indicate the presence of heat or energy

– If so, what are the levels of heat you have observed? Are ghosts hot or cold? Does it vary depending on type of ghost? Are there different types of ghosts? Have you ever met a ghost you liked, or are they all non-friendly?

2. Can ghosts move things?

– This would call into question the corporeality of ghosts.

– We usually hear ghosts don’t physically take up space, but if they can move things, this would suggest they have some sort of matter or ability to materialize.

– Since matter and energy are related (E = mc^2), if ghosts do somehow become corporeal and take up physical space, would you happen to know the relationship between energy consumption and consistency and duration of corporeality? Alternatively, can ghosts get tired?

– Do you suspect quantum mechanics might come into play regarding ghost activities? This would call into question the application of Einstein’s theory of relativity…

3. Do ghosts show up on camera the same way they show up in real life?

– Have you noticed a difference between perception and reality?

– Do you trust your eye or your camera more?

– If multiple people see the same ghost, do they see the same thing? For example, if they were asked to describe the ghost to a forensic artist, would the pictures the forensic artist draws be consistent?

4. Do you know where ghosts go when they disappear?

– Are they still in the area, but just undetectable by the senses? Or are they just gone?

5. With which of your five senses do you most experience ghosts?

6. How do ghosts interact with light?

– Do they show up on mirrors?

– Can you only find ghosts in the dark?

– Do ghosts cast shadows?

*7. (These are kind of bonus questions. Not scientifically related, but more from general curiosity)

Have you ever seen/heard/experienced a baby ghost?

– I would think that since babies don’t usually know any better and don’t have too many attachments in the world, they would move on quickly.

– Do you think they might be too stupid to move on?

– Can ghosts visit earth after they’ve moved on?

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