But The Window Was Closed

So I had recently shifted I was still in the same city although. After some days my friend came to visit me so we both enjoyed our day . As usual we watched a whole lot of scary stuff so that we could sleep real tight. That day had bad weather like real bad from the morning it self and it rained and all that. But the night it was cool but around 12 30 am the weather was beginning deteriorate strong wind and all that. It was because of the weather we decided to look at the ghost bullshit. Although I had no problem in sleeping my friend had like a lot of trouble. We both were specs so like we cant see too good without them, my friend thought that we saw someone in the balcony. I knew it was nothing so I confidently went and reassured him.


About a half and hour later he again woke me up this time complaining that he hears something as I carefully listened to it myself I realized that it was the sound of my medals touching each other because of the fan and also the wind coming. At about 2 30 am we woke we up and said that the wind chime is ringing. So I told him that I was because of the wind he insisted that we stay awake till we see the sunlight again because he was quite scared so we talked and decided to watch the TV and we tuned to Comedy Central and as usual they were showing FRIENDS so we started watching it. Some time went by and now I could myself feel the footsteps of someone in the balcony but I thought to ignore and also if I told him it would freak him out .

Now at this time myself feeling and sensing something horrible in the house I went and closed the door. So the door in the room had this sort of cut in the door for air circulation and my eyes were glued to it. My friend now not caring a bit about anything else because he was too involved in watching the TV. And just like every movie I saw a show sort of move past it as if someone crossed the door. Telling myself that it was a curtain move of a near by window which caused the shadow I started watching the TV and forgot about it. That night we heard the wind chime go off multiple times because of the wind we thought so we were cool.

Next morning when I went to close the windows I froze when I realized that the windows were closed all this time and that someone had to have been touching the wind chime by its head(in India we have chimes inside of head) to have it make a sound and that made me realize that we surely had someone in our house for a whole night with us roaming the house and thank god I dint open the door when I saw the shadow by the door whole I dont know what might be waiting for me.