Cemetery Banshee or Pissed off Ghost?

This story takes place during summer break between my freshman and sophomore year of HS. Myself and two of my friends decided that we wanted to go ghost hunting in our local cemetery. It’s late July and upwards of 90 F outside, even at almost midnight. Anyway, so during the day we bought BRAND NEW flashlights and Duracell batteries to make sure what we might experience was legit and not just cheap electronics and batteries.

The temp, time and electronics are key for this story. So at around 11pm we head out and get to the cemetery around 1145pm and we find a hole that had been cut into the fence to get in. Growing up, I’d been raised that stepping on a person’s grave was disrespectful, so I purposely avoided stepping on or over graves. We walked around the cemetery for about an hour or so, then our brand new flashlights started to flicker and eventually all three of them died and it got super cold. (Side note: this cemetery has a Catholic side and a Jewish side and a crematorium) We started to hear screaming coming from the crematorium and I SHIT YOU NOT, a thick fog started to roll in.

For anyone that read my last story, this cemetery isn’t anywhere near ANY body of water, so having this thick fog roll in like was extra unnerving. I started to hear gentle whispers and sobbing (kinda like the Witch from the Left for Dead games) coming from behind a small family mausoleum.

So like the idiot teenagers we were, we decided to go investigate. Should’ve just NOPED the fuck out instead. As we get around the mausoleum, the crying stops and there’s nothing there. We start looking around to see what was going on, when a thin woman in white with long, messy brown hair walks out from behind a large headstone. She looks at us and GLIDES through the damn fog towards us.

NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I EVER NOPED THE FUCK OUT OF A SITUATION THAT FUCKING FAST! My friends and I B-lined it for the hole in the fence and we didn’t stop for like a good 2 miles, just sprinting as fast our feet could move. We finally stopped to catch our breath outside the local cancer treatment center, that had this really long hallway the runs the length of the building.

The three of us were doubled over, gasping for air when I see her AGAIN at the end of that fucking hallway. This time she lets out this scream that chilled me to my core. Guess what happened next? Second wind. We bolted! We sprinted the remaining 3 miles back to my apartment. Safe to say, I haven’t gone back since and that was in 2004. So, yeah, pissed of ghost or possible banshee?

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