Crazy/possessed roommate

Hi there… sorry for any grammatical mistakes.. English is not my native language. This incident happened to me in August 2017. After completing my school…i went to the college in a new city and i lived in a boys hostel/dormitory. There was a guy… let’s call him T. He was my roommate.

When we first met….i had a wierd feeling about him but i thought maybe I’m being paranoid as this is my first day here. That University has a quiet large campus area….and there were rumours that some places in the campus are paranormal. The most famous paranormal spot was behind a restaurant building.

The spot was given the nickname “screaming corridor” People used to say that they hear screams there at night. So back to the roommate…he was weird since the beginning…and i didn’t liked him at all and we both were enrolled in different courses…so i knew there was no way i can get along with this guy. So i started hanging out a lot with the boys of my class.

I used to stay in there room for whole day and night. But one day around 1am….T(roommate) called me and said he is afraid of dark… he can’t sleep alone…and he wants me to come back to the room. I used to be afraid of dark when i was a kid…i almost wet my pants a lot of times when i was a kid…so i thought maybe… he has the same problem which i used to have…so i went back to the room and we played a multiplayer mobile game for 2 hours and then turned off the lights. After a few minutes….i woke up to a strange noise…when i looked around i realised that it was my roommate…he was shaking and bouncing his legs while sleeping. It was both weird and scary at that time. It happened for more than 2 weeks…he used to call me at night and said that he’s afraid of dark…and when lights are turned off…he used to shake hi legs.

One day he called me as usual and we were playing chess….i asked him about his wierd leg shaking… whether he has a medical condition…or something else.. But he said nothing. After a few days…i again woke up to the sounds of his pounding legs…i tried to sleep…but I couldn’t…so i started using my phone. Suddenly…T started laughing….it was super scary…i shaked him violently and he woke up.

I asked him “what the fuck is wrong with you man”. He gave me a wierd smile for a minute and said “I love screaming corridor” I rushed towards the door and went out of the room. I stayed in my friend’s room that night.

A few days later…i was sleeping and then suddenly woke up and realised T was laughing like a lunatic…i turned on the lights and saw that he was standing in front of the door…and looked at me and said… “wanna go to the screaming corridor buddy? ” I just stood there for a minute and then told him to let me go out of the room…but he said no I punched him on the face…he stumbled and i opened the door and ran to my friend’s room and told him everything.

I stayed in his room and we filed a complaint and T was kicked out of the dormitory and my friend moved in to my room. But he never told anyone the reason of doing this.

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