Creepy Coincidence – By KasuGoat

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’ve had some weird things happen but I believe they can be easily written off as something else but here I go anyway.

This happened when I was 17, 9 years ago, I woke up around 3 am, cliché already huh? Anyway, I needed to go to take a piss and I did, the bathroom is opposite of my room but at an angle, if I exit straight out of my room I enter a small open area and then there’s a opening to the living room on the right and my sisters room on the wall. I made a rough sketch of the layout and the rooms in question.

So I came out of the bathroom and am about to go back to my room when I hear the sound of small naked feet running from the living room, I look back and I see what seems to be a young girl with long dark hair and seems to be wearing a white hospital gown or a one piece. she runs towards my sister’s room and disappears in front of it, I stare at my sister’s door for a second and then write it off as fatigue and my brain filling blanks and I go back to sleep.

Two days later, my sis and mom are in the kitchen, which is the smaller room next to mine, and my sis is telling her about this dream she keeps having dreams about this young girl that runs around the house unaware of us living there.

Out of curiosity I ask what she looked like and my sister said

”She had dark hair and is wearing a white hospital gown”

My spine received some good tingles, but I still don’t believe in ghosts, coincidence is more likely, we did have a few more creepy moments but that was the only full apparition I’ve seen personally. Mom’s crucifix kept breaking in that house and after we moved its been pretty tranquil. I’m not religious and think this could be many things before it could be a ghost.

I did tell my sis about what I saw and she really freaked out but idk if she fully believed it and probably thought I was fucking with her.

Creepy Coincidence