Creepy things keep happening in my house

I have a lot of stories so I’ll just go in chronological order. I’m a pretty skeptical person but other people have experienced things in my house so I’m looking for an explanation.

The first experience I remember that I would call “paranormal” was when I was about six. I was in bed but the room wasn’t completely dark because there was a gap at the top of the door so light could come in from the hallway. My dad was in a band at the time and when he would come home late he would come downstairs and say goodnight. I wasn’t asleep yet and I was lying on my back, I open my eyes and I see a hand over my face. Thinking it’s my dad trying to scare me, I reach up to grab the hand and my hand goes through it. I screamed and my mom came to see what was wrong, but no one else was in the room and my dad wasn’t even home yet. When I used to sleep in that room, I would sometimes see shadows in the gap above the door, way too high up to be one of my parents passing the door.

The way my house is set up, there’s a hallway in the basement. The big room at one end of the hallway has windows and the room at the other end does not because my house is built into the side of a hill. The two occurrences mentioned above took place in a room on one side of the hallway without windows. I moved my bedroom from that room to the room at the very end of the hallway without windows. My friend and I were in there when we were probably 8-9 years old. The door was closed but we could hear scratching on the other side, like someone was rubbing the wood with a toothbrush or something. When we opened the door there was nothing there. I was sleeping in that room one night, door closed, and in my dream two children were crawling down the hallway, coming from the big room with windows. One of the children laughed and I woke up to see my dog growling at the closed door. I didn’t tell anyone about it because I figured it was just a dream.

About two years after that, I had a group of friends over. There were seven of us, ages 11-13. Two of my friends went upstairs to get popcorn around midnight or 1am, and my parents were sleeping so they knew they had to be quiet. About four minutes after they left we hear them screaming and they come running back into my bedroom and they are both crying. One of them believed heavily in the paranormal because she lost her mom at a young age and it’s comforting to her, but the other girl was very skeptical and doesn’t really believe in ghosts. We asked them what was wrong and they said as they were coming back down the stairs, they heard little kids laughing in the corner of the room at the end of the hallway. I know that it was not our voices echoing off the wall because my bedroom door was closed and my room is pretty much soundproof. Basically if you are in my room with the door closed, you can hear things outside but they can’t hear you unless you yell really loud. After they told me they heard little kids laughing, I told them about my dream and they all agreed that was super weird. We all ended up sleeping in the living room instead of my bedroom.

After that, the experiences are pretty isolated. One of my friends stayed with me during quarantine, and when he was home alone he heard a little kid’s voice clearly say “hi kitty!” No TVs were on and I live in the middle of nowhere so I don’t have neighbors for at least half a mile. Last year was 13 years since my grandma died, and a painting that belonged to her fell down the stairs from the third floor. As far as any of us knew, the painting had been stored in the attic which is closed 90% of the time and no one had been upstairs to disturb it. For online school I’ve been mostly on the third floor since that’s where wifi is best, and sometimes when I’m doing homework I’ll hear what sounds like a little kid crying coming from the attic. I would like to say that it might be one of my cats, but neither of them make a noise anything close to that. There are weird circles of rocks in the woods behind my house that my mom calls “witches circles” but she does not believe in the paranormal at all.

The last experience is not an experience of mine and I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I was probably 4 or 5. My babysitter was a family friend and I think she was about 17 at the time, and she had to stay up overnight because my parents were away on a trip. I asked her recently if she thought my house was haunted, expecting her to say no, but she said she absolutely believed that it was. She said that on one of the nights she had to stay over, at around one in the morning she woke up to see a little kid standing in the doorway of the room where she was sleeping. She thought it was me at first, but when she said my name the child turned to the side and walked down the stairs toward the front door. She didn’t hear the door open or close and when she tried to follow it she didn’t see anything. She said the child couldn’t have been me because I had short blonde hair and the kid she saw had long dark hair.

Aside from those I can’t think of any other stories, and i definitely don’t have an explanation. My house was built specifically for us in the 1980s, my parents used to have tenants but no one else has lived in the house since the early 90s and no one has ever died here. I know the land where my house is built used to be an apple orchard that burned down, but I can’t find any records that indicate that there was a previous house on the property or that anyone died in the fire.

If anyone has some sort of explanation for any of this I’d appreciate it and if anything is confusing I’d be happy to clarify or elaborate.

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