Deer Woman Story

This is my experience with Deer Woman. It took place many moons ago. Anyone from the Rosebud area knows that the area we call Grass Mountain is a very dark and curvy road at night. One of our grandmas was very sick so they were having ceremonies for her. I was younger, my daughter was just a baby and I had a bit of a lead foot. I was bringing supplies to my mom and auntie. Of course I was driving a little fast around the curves. The only thing you could see was what was in the headlights.

Deer Woman story

My daughter was sleeping on the seat (no car seats back then). On the short straightaway I picked up a little speed when all of a sudden I seen something moving in the corner of my eye. Just before the next curve It came running down the hill and stopped dead in front of me. I slammed on the breaks coming to a stop. She just stood there looking at me. A woman with a deer body. Long black hair, very beautiful but looked sad. I know it was just a few seconds but it felt like a long time I sat there. And then she turned and ran off into the trees. I checked the baby, and slowly started going again. I was to shaken up to go very fast at all.

As I started around the curve there stood about 10 horses in the middle of the road. If Deer Woman hadn’t stopped me I would of hit them at a high speed. She saved both of our lives and I no longer drive fast like that. To this day when I drive through that area I send her prayers of thanks. And I still shake when I tell this story. I can close my eyes and see that beautiful sad face. Prayers and smoke