Did I see a ghost at work?

I am a cook and I was working at a restaurant by the time this happened. It was a really slow day because i worked at the northern coast of Balaton area in Hungary, and while it’s busy in the summer, at winter there aren’t many people around.

Anyway, I was making a pizza when i heard a strange noise, like numerous people having a conversation in the storage area. I went back there to find absolutely no one there, my colleagues were in the front of the kitchen talking and joking around.

From that point on I was creeped out and felt like I was being watched. I went out to the bathroom, and after that while I was washing my hands, looked in the mirror over the sink which was facing a smaller storage area. What I briefly saw was a shadow-like person dashing into the storage super fast, all i could make out that it was a male. It looked like a normal person, only difference was that it looked pale and like a shadow. After seeing that i stood and never stopped looking into the mirror.

The storage had no door and after a fee second a hand reached out the storage and dragged itself throught the wall then slid back into the room. At that point I thought someone is just messing with me so I walked up to the storage only to find nobody in there. And also, a person couldn’t fit into that room if he wanted to reach out to touch the wall because the room is just too small and there is a chest of drawers in there which occupies the majority of the room so a person wouldn’t fit in there. I told this story to my friend the other night and he was creeped out.

We also went to a creepy abandoned factory where we captured what looks like a shadow person, I’ll make another post about that.

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