Doll like ghost in my attic

When I was younger, my house was haunted or something, stuff would just move around, but for my family it was normal because we’d been there for so long. When I say “stuff” I mean like old glass cups would “Wakanda Forever” off the table when no one was looking and things like that. But this one time was extra scary, and honestly terrifying.

I woke up really late at night, and so did my dog(Australian shepherd). The moment I woke up I had the worst chill on the planet, my brain was screaming at me to get the heck out of the house and to go as far away as possible. It wasn’t a normal chill either, it was like the most sinister, evil creature you can think of was breathing down my neck. My dog was hyperventilating and looked at me with this look of defeat, whimpered and lied back down.

Then in the kitchen, far from my bedroom, I heard the cabinets opening and closing rapidly. The water was on and stuff like that. I looked over to my door and saw that it was open, even though I remembered closing it when I had gone to bed earlier that night. My dog got up again, but this time, he was very much alerted. Whatever was in the house that night, it had certainly gotten his attention.

Then from the attic, (we hadn’t used the attic ever, it was just there) I heard something that I’d never forget. Just above my room, I heard, in a little girl’s voice, in almost a whisper, “Don’t worry, it’ll be gone soon.” And that’s where I got another chill, worse than before, it felt like I’d just die right there.

Just then everything went silent, the water in the kitchen turned off, the cabinet stopped moving, and my door closed. I heard footsteps, coming from the attic, light little feet, silently sprinting across the attic floor. The attic itself was never opened, but the sound of the footsteps progressed into the living room. The footsteps stopped in the hallway where all of the rooms were.

I thought that the worst of it was over, but then, in a horrible twist of fate, the light pitter-patter of the small feet resumed, head towards the end of the hall, towards my room. I was so scared, I silently hid under my blankets with my dog, desperate to grasp some sort of security. I peeked through a hole in my blanket, the sound of footsteps was gone, but something still felt off.

After an hour or so of waiting for the footsteps to resume, I lost that creeping feeling of unease, and got comfortable in my blanket. As I was about to dose off, the unease came back, and the madness of waiting resumed. My brain told me that I needed to get out of the house somehow. I was tired now, so I knew that I couldn’t do much. Then, my doorknob silently turned, and the door slowly crept open.

In the blackness, I saw a figure, somehow dark enough to be seen in the dark. The figure was short, humanoid, maybe 2 feet in the least, it had a strange silhouette, around what I assumed was the waist, was a frilled dress. The small, circular head had hair, but it could have been something else. I kid you not, it had white, glowing eyes, and not like pupils and iris and all, just too small, white, dots. I heard a giggle, but not specifically from the figure, from all around, the whole room. I was petrified, and that’s all I remember, I think I passed out from fear.

When I woke up, I was in the same cocoon like blanket with my dog. My family moved out shortly after, but not from my ordeal (which I never told them about until we left the house) , but because my little sister heard giggling at night for the past few days.

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