Each of us saw it in separate bedrooms on the same night

I’ve had three weird encounters/experiences. This is the second. It’s easy for me to claim it’s true – this is how I remember it – but we all saw the same thing.

When I was 15 years old, I still shared a room with my younger brother. He would have been 13. Not a lot of privacy, but you get used to it.

My bed was perpendicular to his, about three yards away. One night I woke around 3:00 am and saw a strange blue glowing ball. It looked like a birthday sparkler – creating a spherical halo of embers – but it burned blue instead of white. It was just floating there above my head.

Knowing my brother was laying a few feet away I called out to him: ‘Jay – HEY! Jay. Can you see that?’

The way he answered, the tremble in his voice really freaked me out: ‘yeye…ya, what is that?!’

So we both don’t remember anything after seeing the blue glowing ball. We just woke up the next morning. Got up, normal day, didn’t feel off in anyway except to recall the strange glowing thing. Our bedroom was in the basement, so I started walking upstairs. The basement stairs led to the kitchen dining room and I could hear my parents speaking upstairs.

I could tell they were intentionally being vague – a little hushed – coded language. But it was clear they were talking about a glowing thing they’d seen in the night.

I raced upstairs, kinda excited they’d seen it too and told them what my brother and I had seen. I told them we’d seen the same thing.

My folks honestly dismissed it. My mom got a little upset and then said we simply overheard her conversation – that we were trying to scare her. But I wasn’t. We weren’t. My brother and I had seen the same blue glowing ball, but we slept in the basement, and they slept upstairs.

I still bring it up sometimes but no one really wants to talk about it.

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