Eerie Things I have Experienced, since I was a Little Girl.

When I was 6 years old, in 1979, I remember waking up on Sunday morning. My back was to the door of my room. The door was open. I felt a cold chill. Then, I heard a voice growl in my ear “ I am going to get you C…”. I immediately thought it was my older brother, 12 at the time. I didn’t turn around immediately. I sat there staring at my wall for a moment, turned to find no one there. I ran to wake up my dad to “tattle” on my brother. My dad went downstairs, opened my brother’s room, where he was fast asleep. He said “ B.., don’t scare your sister.” My brother was asleep, so my dad shook him awake, repeating himself. My brother was confused. I can tell when he’s lying, but honestly he had no idea what we where talking about. This scared me more than anything.


Later, when I was in 4th grade. I remember coming home from school. I was a “latchkey” kid. Basically, I would walk home from school, let myself in with a key because my parents were working. I was home alone. I went into my room, this time my bed was in a different place next to the window. I put my stuff on my bed. I took off my jacket, and immediately felt cold. I heard a disembodied voice say in a loud whisper in my ear “ I’m going to get you, C…” I immediately turned around and no one was there. My younger brother had gone to his friend’s house, just a block away. My older brother wasn’t home yet. My curtains were shut, the room was dark. I ran out of the room, out of the house. It was winter.

When I was 14, I got a puppy for Christmas. Her name was Juliette, Julie for short. When I was in high school, Julie would often sit on my bed and stare at something, then proceed to turn her head like she was intently watching something fly around my room. It was creepy. My room was always cold. If you shut the door, and sat the hallway, you could literally feel a cold seeping out from my room. I once witnessed Julie growling, scatching, and barking in an area downstairs. The creepy thing is that our old dog did the exact same thing when I was 7.

When I was a Senior in high school, I went to a slumber party and my friend had a Ouija board. We all messed with it at her house. She let me borrow it, and I took it home. Like an idiot, I used it, alone, in my room one time. I asked it some questions, and it provided 2 answers. (One later turned out to be bogus, one true.) It was after this, I woke up feeling something pinning me to my bed. It started to slam my upper body hard, up and down into my bed. My dog was growling and barking. I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream. It was beyond terrifying. My mom came into the room, turned on the light, and it immediately stopped. I started crying uncontrollably. My mom comforted me, and let me sleep in her room.

A few years after this, is when I received the message on my answering machine that I wrote about in my other /realnosleep post. Since I was in high school, I would always hear knocking, constantly. It was maddening. In my room, on the outside wall, next to where our chimney runs, I would hear knocking all the time. Once I ran outside, yelling for it to stop. No one was there, no construction going on anywhere. No one home but me.

The house always had a heavy, uncomfortable feel. It was like something was watching you, like a malicious presence. We lived there since it was built in 1972, all but 4 years, when it was rented to someone else. My parents still live there.

After the answering machine incident, my mother went through my father’s stuff that he kept from the Vietnam War. She got rid of a lot of it, I don’t know what or how. After that, the house felt lighter. There are no longer cold spots, no knocking, no terrifying presences.

My mother is Vietnamese. She is extremely superstitious. I have even overheard her talk about some terrifying things she experienced as a child in Vietnam. When she was a little girl, her family ran a coffin shop. Maybe I will write about what I heard her talk about. It is horrific.