Full Body Apparition of my High School Teacher.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my previous Reddit post about my experience living with a demon/poltergeist. A few people in the comments were asking if I’ve had other paranormal experiences, and I sure do. However, I need to add a TRIGGER WARNING to this post. I will mention suicide, so if that’s something that’s triggering or makes you uncomfortable, I don’t recommend reading this story. But without further ado, here’s the time I saw a full-body apparition of my high school teacher.

For a bit of backstory, me and my dad’s side of the family have always been attuned with spirits and the paranormal. It’s affected my grandmother, aunts, uncle, most of my cousins, and of course, my dad and I. Spirits are drawn towards us because its easier for us to see them and be positively or negatively affected by their presence. My earliest spiritual memory is when I was a kid seeing and speaking to spirits. Basically, what I’m trying to say is I’ve seen many full-body apparitions in my life, but this experience was by far the most surreal…

I was a freshman in high school when this encounter took place. On this day, I got to school much earlier than usual. I got there about 30 minutes before classes started, so I hung out by my locker for a bit. The student population was fairly small, so the entrance to our school was a narrow double door entryway. During the start of a school day, students and faculty were usually squished together like a can of sardines while trying to enter the building. Anyways, my first class was near the front entrance, and my locker was on the opposite end of the school. While walking to class, I had to push against the flow of people entering the building, all while getting slammed with backpacks and glared at by annoyed upperclassmen. But suddenly, I got a very uneasy feeling…

Walking with the crowd of incoming students was my school’s art teacher. He was fairly popular with his pupils. He had recently graduated from college, so it was easy to relate to him. Typically people would chat with him wherever he went, but today no one was acknowledging him. It was at that moment we locked eyes. He looked startled when I saw him, and his reaction totally caught me off guard. Visually, he looked normal, but in my mind, I saw a dark aura hovering over his head. A sharp chill rushed down my spine that was so intense it was practically painful. I felt weirdly drawn to his energy, and it scared me, like a lot. I physically had to struggle to break our gaze, and when I did, I practically ran to my classroom.

After our first period, it wasn’t long before the entire had school erupted in chaos. Our art teacher (the one I had seen earlier in the hallway) had never shown up to class. This sparked out of control rumors, and some of his dedicated pupils had started to panic and cry. A couple of girls were crying in my second period, so I avidly assured them that I had seen him that morning. It made them calm down and feel a bit better, so I promised all my friends and classmates that I had seen him just a little while earlier. But at lunchtime, the news finally broke…

The night before, our teacher committed suicide. Students were crying, and the school fell silent. But I had SEEN him!! I was confused and frustrated, so I was begging my friends, teachers, and even strangers to listen to me when I said he was okay. People became furious with me. I was accused of making up lies for attention and was shunned by a lot of close friends. I was an insecure 14-year-old, so getting attention was the last thing I wanted, and I had no reason to lie. However, I would soon find out I wasn’t the only one who had seen him.

During lunch, as I was rambling on and on about seeing him, three upperclassmen approached me. They all began to collaborate my story, “yeah, I saw him by the school entryway.”

“So did I!”

“Me too!”

“Something was off, but I’m certain that it was him.”

“Did no one else see him?” And so on…

Not only had we all seen him. It was at the same time, in the same location, and we all had the same reaction to his presence.

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