Ghost mom

I have a bunch of weird experiences at my old house in Whittier Ca. But this one is easiest enough to write in a few minutes. So I was 19 at the time and coming home from my girls house at around 9 pm on a Saturday. We lived in a cul de sac and our house was at the end on the right side.

We had a large living room window which had a cheap shade which was usually open. I only lived with my mom at the time although my grandmother (moms dad) lived next door (her house was the real haunted house of the area).

Well so, I was driving up to my house at around 9 pm and as I pulled up to my driveway I saw the silhouette of a woman walking from our kitchen into our hallway which leads to our two rooms.

Mind you, only our kitchen light was on plus the backyard light. So I saw the silhouette easily and figured it was my mom and that her car was broke down considering it wasn’t in the driveway.

So I walked in the house without hesitation and called out to my mom asking where her car was. No answer. So I walked into our dark hallway, turned on the hall light and peered into my moms room. No-one. Then into my own room. No-one. I then heard a shuffling outside my window into the backyard and I just went cold.

My dog was back there but the shuffle was of feet so I dashed to the back thinking it had to be a burglar. And nothing. My dog was sleeping on the back porch. I then ran next door to my grandmas and let them know what happened. Apparently an old woman whom lived there when my dad was young and had died in the house.

She had pricked her finger on a rose in the back and got an infection which killed her within the month. I hadn’t been keeping up with the backyard and I feel she came back and was trying to get me to the back to take care of her yard.

The T.V. would also randomly turn on to telemundo and specifically telemundo only later to find out she always use to watch mexican soap Operas. I hope she isn’t still stuck at that house.

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