Ghost on the side of the road

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a singer so late nights are common for me. This night I was driving myself and my 4 band mates home from a show. It’s about a 2 hour drive. We’re jamming out to the radio and talking and everything is fine. Until I get to the road that’s over a big lake in our state.

As soon as I hit that bridge, I felt uneasy. I didn’t want to look like a weenie so I didn’t say anything to everyone else. Until I saw the guy walking on the shoulder of the bridge, which is practically non-existent. I swerve a little to miss him and the guys start asking if I was okay and why I swerved. When I said it was to miss the guy, everyone goes “what guy?” So I described him. He had on a dark jacket, camo cargo pants, dark shoes and wet hair. No one saw him and they laughed it off. I saw him again just a few feet ahead and pointed him out, but no one sees him. I’m freaking out because he’s there.

A few miles ahead, I see him again! This time my drummer sees him too and he said I wasn’t kidding and described his face because he turned this time. He described exactly what I saw. I started driving faster and he showed up every few miles. He’d turn his head and grin this scary ass grin. I almost started crying. (I’m a girl with mad anxiety and a heart condition so I was struggling to calm down.) Anyway, once we got to the woods past the bridge I thought we’d be fine, but he kept appearing until we got close to town. Then he was gone. I’ve never seen him again.

That was one of the scariest ghost encounters I’ve had. His hair and clothes were wet, so I’m guessing it was the spirit of someone who drowned in the lake and is sticking around to mess with people…but he scared me pretty bad.

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