Goodbye, Great-Grandfather – By zoinksbro

Now, I have always been skeptic of psychics. I believe all of them are shams, and have a deep rooted hatred for con artists. If they’re not trying to con me, they’re just flat out delusional in my opinion. However, this experience (one of many, just sticks out more) I’ve had is hard to explain, and my fiance, who is also a skeptic (of everything paranormal, though), is inclined to believe what he sees. So here goes.


I am currently a freelance photographer, while my fiance goes to work. Fortunately for us, he makes enough for us to live with ease, so if my pictures happen to not sell, we are alright. His schedule at the time was third shift, and I usually sleep those hours away to curb loneliness. That means he usually wakes me up to spend time with me after he comes home. Now, I don’t usually dream, and this night was no different. If I did dream, I do not remember it.

My fiance comes home, and wakes me up, telling me he has some news to give me. Now, in no way would I have information ahead of time, nor did I have a “telling dream”, but I immediately blurted out that someone older in his family passed away today. The look on his face was that of confusion, terror, and surprise all at once, and he stuttered a bit before saying, “Y-Yeah, actually, my great-grandfather passed away this morning. That’s not the news, but like… How did you know?” I admitted I didn’t know, and to this day that whole experience still surprises us every time we recount it.