Had I Listened To My Daughter, My Wife’s Should Be Here

It was like yesterday when this all happened. Everyday, for the last 20 years, it keeps on replaying inside my head. Before I give you my story, I wish to let you know that whatever your younger children tells you, you must listen or otherwise you’ll lose what is important to you.

Had I Listened To My Daughter, My Wife's Should Be Here

A little background on myself. I won’t elaborate on how I met my wife but I’ll start on the year of our marriage. It was held at Oregon, in the year 1990. We were happily married despite us having financial problems. Fast forward year 1991, my daughter was born. Those are the happiest times of my life.

As my daughter was born, I worked full time as a truck driver, while my wife would stay at home to take care at her. Being a truck driver is tiring but at least the salary is enough to support my wife and my daughter, so I continued. Another con is we travel a lot, in which my family is required to move around with me.

Fast forward to four years, after moving a lot and saving enough money, I retired from my job and started to look for a house in Iowa. While my wife is scanning the pictures for a house we wanted to buy, one caught her attention. It’s painted brown and red. Its doors are huge and painted black. And it has a Victorian design which unnerved me for a bit.

The price listed for $90,000, despite the house being huge, more like a mansion. My wife insisted we buy it and with her persistence I agreed despite the pit of my stomach not wanting to do so. Going into the area isn’t that hard but the place is remote. The neighborhoods are far from one another and is only littered with a few people. The others had a haunted look on their faces which unnerved me.

So we already bought the house. I don’t remember much about the details but my daughter said that the owner is a weird old man that welcomed us in. She said that he had these large circles around his eyes, and at that time he was ragged and looked gaunt. Giving us his house keys, we started to arrange some things.

I admit, the house becomes weirder as we got inside. There are portraits of gaunt looking creatures I can’t comprehend. As I stared into one of those portraits, I was snapped out of my attention with my daughter, pulling the rims of my pants.

“Daddy, I don’t want to be here”.

“Why?”, I asked feeling worried.

“I just don’t like it here”.

I ruffled her hair and replied, “Don’t worry, sweetie. Everything will be alright”.

And then suddenly, my wife called my daughter . I forgot to say earlier, that there are 11 rooms. Before my daughter would go to my wife, she said, “What if mom were to disappear?”

Her sentence unnerved me, as I didn’t know that would be the start of our nightmare.