Haunted Bunk Bed

This occurred when I was around 10 years old. I grew up in a small town and lived in a 3 bedroom 1500sq foot house with 6 people. This meant my sisters and I shared a small room. My grandma decided she was tired of having no space in our room with the 3 single beds and it was time to get a bunk bed.

In this small town I remember shopping for this bunk bed in this run down store. It wasn’t the typical furniture store. I almost believe it was a second hand shop or some type of discount store. By the time I was in my teens this building was turned into a billiard and game room. This place wasn’t there long. The exciting day arrived. We put the bunk bed in the room. Moved in a dresser with a small black and white old tv and Atari.

These were not new but moved from another location in the house. This was the late 80s. Yes we had an Atari when everyone else had a Nintendo or a SNES. The Atari and tv were placed so that I could sit on the end of the single bed and use it as a chair while we played the Atari. The space between the single bed and bunk bed was approx 2-3 feet. This is when the paranormal activity in our room started to become frequent. I had opted to take the single bed since my sisters really really wanted to sleep in the cool bunk bed. They have more stories than myself. Anyway, one night I remember being in the room alone playing on the Atari.

My grandma and mom were talking to some family members that had stopped by and my sisters were watching tv in the family room. Again, small house, small room, I know I was alone in the room. Being alone and being alone with the Atari was something that didn’t happen often. I was focused on my game when to my right I could hear the bunk bed shake a little. Like someone just grabbed it and shook it for a second. That had to be my imagination, right? A few seconds more go by and the thing shakes again, this time for a few seconds. I remember distinctly telling myself, don’t be afraid, don’t look, don’t be afraid, it’s nothing. Almost to a new high score and if I die, I don’t have to given anyone else a turn(motivation to stay). A few more seconds go by as I keep playing my game. It shakes a 3rd time for what I remember being the same interval as the last. Again I tell myself to be strong, don’t be afraid, it’s just your imagination, don’t even look. Well with whatever was happening, I must have pissed it off with my lack of response or acknowledgement. The bunk bed began violently shaking with no stopping. I just stood up and ran. Dropping the Atari paddle and hearing it swing into the dresser. I didn’t get to beat my high score. My grandma and mom didn’t believe me. Was laughed at by the visiting family members. At least I didn’t have to sleep in that bunk bed or go back into that room by myself.

My sisters have some other more scary stories like an old man ghost standing on the end of the bed climbing the ladder with glowing white hair. One was hearing glass shatter in the room and not being able to find the source. Quite a few more but that was my personal scary story with it. We ended up having a house fire due to a malfunctioning AC unit 4 years later and it destroyed that bed. After restoring the house and damages, my twin and I ended up moving back into that room with two single beds. The air in that room felt lighter and more free. Never had a paranormal experience in that room after that. Hence we dubbed it the haunted bunk bed.

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