Haunted childhood

So the church I grew up in is legit haunted. I know everyone says their church is, but I have witnessed many sightings that can’t be explained. The more minor of them being lights on that I know were off. Short story, as a kid I would go to the building late at night when the youth group was playing hide and seek in the dark. One night the youth minister, my dad, and I are the last ones leaving the building and we had just checked every light in the church. We got out to the parking lot only to turn around and see a light come back on in the boy’s upstairs bathroom. There wasn’t a sensor to detect movement like there is today so turn on the light, you had to flip a physical switch. We were the only ones there. Who turned the light back on.

Longer story.

When I was in college I came home for the summer to work. The intern that summer, again at the church I grew up in, was a big skeptic of anything paranormal. He was such a skeptic that he called me out when I told him about what I had seen over the years. He challenged me to get the guys of the youth group to stay at the building overnight with him and go on a midnight ghost hunt.

Sidenote* The church had just been renovated and we were sleeping in what was the office space but had been converted to the nursery. This is important.

Back to that hunt. We started walking through the auditorium where a lot of activity happens but isn’t the main part of this story. As we come out of the auditorium, we entered into the Children’s ministry hallway. We were walking down the hall when the intern suddenly yelled at me out of the darkness. Like scared yelled at me. I walk up to him and realize he was shaking. Once he catches his breath, I ask what happened. At that moment, he points to the far wall we saw a figure with red eyes looking at us as it leaned against the wall. We gathered everyone into a circle and the intern started praying over what had just happened. As he concludes the prayer, the figure “blows” past us to the opposite corner of the hall and fades into an empty room. The air immediately smelled acrid and was ice cold through that part of the hall. That confirmed to the intern that something was going on and he decided we should just go to bed for the night. Remember we are sleeping in the old office space, specifically in what was the youth minister’s office, where he had been chased out by a strong negative presence if he stayed late into the night. We got back to our bedding and discovered that all of our sheets and pillows and been thrown across the room out of that space and into the main part of the room. Needless to say, we called parents and left right then and there.

I could tell many more stories about that building but those two are the best forms of proof I have ever had.

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