Haunted Yu gi Oh

This story has stuck with me for a long time, because I am sure there must be some sort of rational explanation but all the events of the story seem too coincidental to be true. Let me give you a time period, so this happened around mid primary school and I am 21 now so it happened quite a while ago, but I still cannot really explain it.

In primary school we used to play yugioh, you know the card game with the monsters, traps and spells. All the cards are ranked based on attack power and defense power and at the time my strongest card in my deck was “Gaia the fierce knight”, this was a while ago and 2500 atk is not as strong as it was back then. So my grandmother used to take my sister to the hairdresser sometimes after school and I would go with because we went to the same school and ended the same time and I distinctly remeber looking at “Gaia” in my deck like the entire card ride. I left the deck in the car when we went into the hairdresser’s place and upon returning to the car, I could not find “Gaia” in my deck anymore. It was a strong card, so you know that I really searched that car for the card, but it was nowhere to be found. I remeber being kinda sad about it also.

One or two years went by, yugioh was long out of my system, but the memory of losing the card was still there in the back of my mind. I was either cleaning or just looking around the cupboards, not for the card because that was long gone in my mind, I was just looking for interesting things or cleaning, not sure which, but I came across a red box. It wasn’t a small box, but it wasn’t a two hand carry box either, and I pulled it out from the cupboard. It was light and it felt empty. I opened it and I found “Gaia”. Inside this box was the single card, the card that went missing. It was the only thing inside the box and chills went down my spine, even now my spine is still shivering thinking about it. I just remeber thinking, I lost this in my grandmothers car or at the hairdresser, either way I never brought it home. Why, why was it alone, isolated in that red box that was all the way in the cupboard. The whole event felt spooky then and still feels spooky now.

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