Haunting at work

I’ve shared my home experiences but never my work ones. There is one place I worked for a year that to this day freaks me out.

This place had two floors and a basement in use. It was a bakery and I often worked in the 2nd floor and main floor kitchens alone. I was the only evening baker who worked there and during the week especially that left me alone for about five hours with the exception of the person who worked the front counter. The main and second floor kitchens were normal, nice and well lit. The basement was purely storage, with a door at the stairs that was closed and locked at night. The basement had a walk in freezer and fridge and was fairly large, with tons of containers, boxes, old equipment and even holiday decorations. It was a classic unfinished basement though. Super dark with a couple naked bulbs as the only light sources, lots of spiders no matter how much we cleaned, and a concrete floor. Basically just dark dank and creepy, but we didn’t have to be down there much so it didn’t really matter.

Now the front counter attendants were all in agreement, the place was haunted and there was something especially creepy about the basement. I quickly was enlisted to do all the closing things in the basement as at the time I had no fear of it. So I would go down there, turn off the lights and close the door at the end of the night. For a while it was fine just the occasional thing falling for no reason, maybe a creepy feeling here and there but nothing that couldn’t be explained away. But one night I went down and as I turned off the light the door to the basement slammed shut, leaving me in absolute darkness. I was terrified but rationalized. “Door jam must have fallen out.” I nervously whispered to myself, as I walked over to open it. The second I opened that door, I heard the sound of someone running up behind me. I didn’t even look, just rushed through the door and slammed it behind me before rushing up the stairs to where the front counter girl was so I wouldn’t be alone.

I didn’t want to feed into the general fear so kept this to myself for some time until another coworker said the exact same thing happened to them on one of my days off. I shared my experience and from then on when we worked together we would close things up together. This unfortunately still left me on my own when she was away.

On the weekends I also opened, which meant after having two days off I would be alone in the bakery from 5am to 7am. Part of being the first one is was putting on coffee and I gladly did, needing the boost of energy to wake up. As I went to pour myself a cup one morning I was startled to see a stack of cups fly over like someone smacked them. They went all over the floor, one even flying across the counter. I was so early into my shift I just tried to ignore it. I quickly cleaned up, made my coffee and got to work all the while refusing to listen to music as I normally did. I was glancing around worried something else would happen and didn’t calm down until the next person came in at 7.

Now my final experience came my last week of working there. I was leaving for a job closer to home and everything was going well. There was one day I went to put a tray of something in the freezer and get some containers. As I left the walk in I looked to the back of the basement and saw someone step behind a shelf. I knew it wasn’t the girl working as she was much shorter than whoever this was so I called out another coworkers name. He often came in to set a couple things up if he forgot to before his shift ended and it wouldn’t be the first time I’d been startled by him showing up. But it wasn’t him. As I walked around the basement it quickly became apparent it was empty and I had just acknowledged whatever it was in the place. Something I learned much later could be very bad for me. Needless to say I was very happy to leave and get away from all that.

I’ve worked in quite a few places before and since, many of which people claim are haunted. But never have I worked somewhere where those claims were proven as thoroughly as that place.

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