Hiking on Blood Mountain – By ExistentialAngel

This is my first post here but I wanted to share the story of why my dad refuses to go back to blood mountain. If you don’t know, blood mountain is the sixth highest peak in my home state of Georgia, and it is named for a tragic battle between two Native American tribes. Most of this stuff happened when my father and his friends were hiking past slaughter gap at night.

Blood Mountain

Now, the mountain was fairly foggy and the group was pretty tired from hiking all day, so a lot of this stuff didn’t get figured out until after the fact. One of the weird things that happened was that they kept hearing a rhythmic knocking, almost like drums far off in the distance. No matter how much they looked for the source, they couldn’t find what was causing it, and they said that the sound almost seemed to switch directions randomly, as though one moment it was be hind them, and the next it was in front. One of the other men in the group, who I’ll call S, apparently went into a trance and would not stop staring straight ahead. My dad actually had to pull S back from the edge of a cliff because he was about to walk straight off the edge.

Another particularly odd thing was that my father saw a white wolf with red eyes, standing on a rock and staring down at them. This really shook him, but when he looked away for a moment, it disappeared. They later talked and realized that every single person had seen the wolf, but never at the same time. One had seen it following them, another saw it ahead of them, looking at them from a distance, and the fourth had seen it at the same time as my father, but none of them had said anything to the others. At one point, it started pouring down rain so the group ran to a small shelter on the trail to spend the night, as they were planning to get off the mountain in the morning.

The place was uninhabited, but well kept, so the group decided to search the place and settle down. One of the men, C, found a small loft and decided to check it out. The loft was empty, save for a mattress. Upon further inspection, though, he discovered that there was a red stain on the mattress, along with a note stabbed to the wall with a small pocketknife. The note read ” C, I will be back for you”. Whether or not it referred to our C or another didn’t matter; they grabbed all of their stuff and quickly hiked down the rest of the mountain. Luckily they made it out without further incident, and they met in a 24 hour restaurant to talk about what had happened. That was when they realized that they had all seen the wolf and heard the drums, which they had each assumed was a hallucination born out of fear and fatigue. Even though this all happened almost 20 years ago, my father and his friends still go pale at the mention of Blood Mountain, and refuse to ever set foot back there. I myself plan to go up there one night to see if I can find what they did, but for now it remains the scariest thing that has ever happened to a family member. I am a bit curious though: has anyone else experienced something similar while hiking that mountain?