His Eyes Watched Me


That was what came over the radio while I was baking with my mother. I wouldn’t have been all that scared if my mother hadn’t shown some fear. After all, I didn’t know who this Lorenzo Ortiz was.

His Eyes Watched Me

Let me just explain something real quick. It’s just been me and my mom since I can remember. We live on a quiet island with a very low population, so, hardly anything like this happens. My mom grasped my hand tightly in her’s and practically dragged me down into the basement. “You’ll be safe here.” She had smiled before turning to walk back upstairs. Part of me was confused. Was she just going to leave me there? That didn’t seem to be the case as she returned with a bag full of food and multiple blankets and pillows.

“We’ll sleep down here tonight.” Mom had explained as she set out the bedding. “Then we can find out what’s happening tomorrow.”

She had persuaded me to lie down and, slowly, I fell asleep to her soft and gentle voice. It felt as if I had only been asleep for a few seconds when I opened my eyes again. My mother was fast asleep beside me, her face scrunching up here and there.

Now that I was awake, I had come to the realisation that I needed the toilet, and badly. I thought about waking mom up, but, she looked so peaceful in her slumber and, besides, I was only going to be gone for a few moments and it’s not like anything bad was going to happen, right?

No, not right. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I moved quickly and quietly, slowly opening the basement door so it wouldn’t make a sound. I hurried up the stairs and straight into the toilet. I did what I needed to do and moved back towards the staircase, when a soft voice made me freeze. It was deep and husky and it had come from my bedroom. I strained my ears, trying to listen to what the voice was saying.


Taking a shaky breath, I began going down the stairs backwards, my eyes on the door the whole time. With each step, the voice got louder.

“A pocket full of posies.”

Another step.

“Ah-tissue , Ah-tissue.”

I was so close to the basement door.

“They all fall down… DEAD.”

In a blink of an eye, the door had opened and my heart stopped as I saw him peek out of my room.

His eyes watched me, stormy grey irises that glowed in the night. A low growling noise could be heard and, before I bolted down the stairs and into the basement, I heard him hiss a single word.


I didn’t bother staying for a minute longer as I made sure the basement door was securely locked. I found my mother awake and she was hysterical to find the I had left without telling her. She was fussing over me, checking to make sure I was alright, but, I pushed her hands away to tell her a very important thing.

“Mom, there’s someone in the house.”

My mother’s face went pale as I spoke these words.

She told me to wait in the basement while she went to look. She disappeared up the stairs and everything remain silent. As I type this out now, I can confirm that it’s been about an hour and my mother still hasn’t returned. I keep hearing the creaking of footsteps of someone walking about above me, but I’m too scared to go and see what’s going on.

If anyone reads this, then please tell me what to do, because, something tells me my mother isn’t going to be coming back