I am a trucker of 15 years and I have seen some strange things – By atrocious_stranger

Greetings friends!

I am here to share my stories and events I have seen in my 15 years of driving a truck. Right now I live in USA and work here, but for the most of my life I have lived in Europe and driven trucks there. I started out driving when I was 18 upon finishing high school. I had all these big plans about college and a well paying career.

some strange things

Some of you have followed in the same steps as me. Being a high school graduate with about 1000 dollars in my pocket college was no option at the moment. So I took up truck driving and planned to make money for college then get a doctorate. But that all fell in water because after a year I have fallen in love with the job, and there was nothing I would rather be doing. An opportunity fell in my lap to go to USA to work there so I did.

I’ve seen some crazy shit in Europe, I will tell those encounters later on.

This particular story happened about a year or two ago. It was summer and it was really hot all around the globe. But let me tell you, nothing can run against Arizona when it comes to heat.

It was really hot, it was hot like I imagine devil’s butthole to be hot.

But despite the heat I have always liked driving through AZ, the lone roads and endless deserts keep me at peace all the times.

I was driving all day on route 85 after a long pause earlier this morning. The sun had just started to set and the sky was beautiful. I opened my window and cruised in my truck. If any of you are interested, I drive a Kenworth W900. It is a beautiful rig.

So, I was just cruising along listening to the sounds of the nature. I was on a long stretch of a straight road cutting through the desert.

Now I can say that I am tough and what not, but there is nothing natural about driving in the middle of the night, through a desert with no one else in the are for miles. It is creepy and it always will be.

My mind started to flood with all sorts of thought, about my life, about my failed love and about death. Death seemed really friendly in the night.

It was closing to midnight when I saw something in the distance, about a mile out. I saw red headlights and assumed people are in need of help because their car broke down. I decided I would stop to help since I needed some company and people to talk to. Not all of us are murdering alcoholics folks!

As I was nearing the car I saw it was an older model of some brand I didn’t recognize in the dark. The color was green and kind of beautiful.

There was a couple besides the car calling for help and waving their arms. As I stepped out of the rig, it got real cold all of a sudden. I was spooked by this but wrote it of.

Approaching the couple I saw something was off. Their clothes looked really old, like 50’s old. There was this strange smell too, like decaying meat or something like that. But, nonetheless I came up to them and asked what was wrong. The man, tall and dark explained to me that their engine started smoking and the car just stopped working.

As he explained that I opened the hood and a lot of smoke blasted my face. Waving it off I started fiddling with the engine. Just as I found the problem with it something hit me over the head so hard that I fell unconscious in an instant.

As I came to myself I realized through my blurry eyes that I was in the sleeper of my truck. I tried to move but I was tied up. The couple was now standing in front of me and looking at me.

I couldn’t even get a word out before those bastards took up a knife and started to cut my arm up, they were smiling while they were doing it to. They looked like they had the time of their life. Blood was going everywhere and I felt myself drifting of again. As I was about to go, I heard a horn blast through the night, and it was closing in. My captors swiftly turned around, looked through the window and just faded away.

I am not joking they just poofed up like a cloud or some smoke. Everything was blurry but I saw a bearded trucker I assumed come in and untie me, there I lost my consciousness.

Waking up in the hospital bed I saw my arm in bandages and the man that saved me by the bed. His name is Adam, and to this very day we are good friends.

About the couple I don’t know anything, there was no car at the scene, no traces of anyone besides me. I took it upon myself to look into this, and found this old legend about a couple that died on the 85 back in the 50’s. It is said that they call to help all night now, besides their green car.