I can hear them church-bells ringing – By [deleted]

This happen two years ago, it still freaks me out. My ex-friend called A lives in the rural area full of sand hills, forest that stretches to infinity, and lakes.


This was about 10-11 at night and I just got picked up by her family to come over. On the way there to your left you see a ditch/ dip that is a hole with, the sides are steep you can’t stand and its right by the road but at the end of this hole it has two trails that lead down so people can go run their dirt-bike and other rides in it. It’s pitch dark in that area cause no one bothers to put street lights up so the only light is the cars rear and front lights, as we’re coming down that section of road passing the hole I saw a figure in a white hoodie and black pants standing ON THE SIDE YOU CAN’T STAND ON, he/she/ it was perfectly straight! I couldn’t see its face either only a black shadow on the face part. Once we passed it was gone, I couldn’t even see it in the tail-lights so I asked if anyone saw the person and they said ‘no’ and continued singing to the radio. Fast forward to about 12, everyone went to bed and I was up with A. That’s when stuff got weird, the living room and kitchen/ dinning room are right next to each other and when you sit on the couch you can see the sink. The light to the sink started to flicker and her grandpa came out of his room (which is next door too) stood in the middle of the kitchen for about 5 second then turned around and went to bed, not a word was said about it. after it hit 1, A went to bed so I was alone, up, and texting people. I can’t remember the exact time but all I know in the darkness of the living room I heard church-bells.. not just any regular ones like Funeral Church-Bells. it was coming from outside like a church was next door but no church exist unless you travel a far distance to where it can’t be heard and it seemed way to late for a funeral. I don’t know if the bells were connected to the figure or anything all I know is that it scared me to where I didn’t sleep till I went home.