I don’t believe in ghosts, but something’s wrong with my house.

Hi my name is Kevin Trent and I know there’s something wrong with my house. Let me start from the beginning now I don’t believe in the Supernatural, God or the devil. When I was a kid I would stay up all night looking for Santa Claus and pretend to be asleep to get a look at the tooth fairy. It’s just how my mind operates, if someone tells me something I look for proof and if I don’t find any I chalk it up as a fairy tale.

I live alone and I can barely afford to live here working as an IT guy. So I intentionally looked for a house where the previous tenants died in. People are superstitious and reluctant to live in a house with that kind of history so the owners tend to lower the price. I thought it was a genius move at the time.

I don't believe in ghosts, but something's wrong with my house.

To briefly describe my house when you walk in the front door you’re in the living room and if you walk straight you land in the kitchen. If you go straight from there there’s a glass sliding door leading out to the back patio. And if you go left there’s a long hallway. on the right is the bathroom, the left is a spare bedroom, and at the end of the hall is the master bedroom.

When I first settled in my first night there I still had a shit ton of boxes to unpack. I started to hear scratching from inside the walls, this annoyed me a bit because as soon as I move into a house I find out that it’s probably infested with mice.

When I called Pest Control they went throughout my entire house and they didn’t find anything. There were no mice, squirrels or any small animals living in the walls or anywhere else for that matter. Chalking it up to anxiety from the move I decided to ignore it.

After that I started to feel really cold drafts which is weird because it’s summer and there is no cold air whatsoever here. I assumed it was from the basement maybe cold air settled down there and moved up here but I looked around and there was no drafts or Holes in the floor.

I started to get really concerned when I got home from work 2 days ago and it felt like somebody was in my house recently. I don’t know how to explain it but it seemed like someone was here yet nothing was touched or moved. Wait that’s not entirely true, my remote and sometimes my cell phone would appear in different places than where i left them.

Now I couldn’t call the police because I ran it through my head that they wouldn’t take me seriously if I told them someone was in my house yet there was no evidence to support that assumption, it was just a feeling and cops don’t deal with feelings.

And finally last night I woke up at around 2:57 a.m. and I heard the moaning of a cat. It was like a meow but it had a sense of urgency and pain in it. I do not have a cat and I have not seen any stray cats around at all.

I got up to look out my bedroom door to where I was hearing the meowing. It started to move away and head towards the basement. I have yet to go into the basement because I really don’t like basements, they’re dirty and full of spiders, and I am extremely arachnophobic.

I went forward and going down the hall straight through the kitchen led to the stairwell that led to the basement. I looked down and it was extremely dark and I had a terrible feeling that I was being watched. But something else was going on, there was a strange smell coming from the basement. It smelled badly of rotten eggs, If the previous owners left eggs in the basement maybe that would explain it but seriously what are the odds of that.

Suddenly when I turned back to go to my bedroom I saw a shadowy figure for a split second before it disappeared into the guest bedroom. I didn’t hear anything else or see anything else that night but I can tell you that I could not fall asleep until the sun came up.

Whatever is going on must have a logical explanation to it but something was trying to lead me into the basement. I do not believe in ghosts, demons or the supernatural but something is seriously wrong with my house.

I will update if there are any more incidents, right now it’s 3:42 a.m. and I hear scratching on my door. I am petrified and I am currently gripping my gun tightly and I never bring out my gun. I’m scared guys and I have no idea what to do. If you have any information to explain what’s going on I would appreciate it. Like I said earlier I will update if there’s anything else going on right now I’m just going to wait until that god-forsaken scratching stops.

First thing in the morning I’m going to go down to the basement to see if there is anything down there that can explain the strange phenomenon. I hope you all have a good and safe night talk to you all soon.

Update 1:

Hello everyone sorry for the late update but a lot has happened and due to lack of sleep I just passed out last night. So first let’s talk about the basement.

When I got down there the smell got even worse but what was interesting was it was empty all except for what looks like a door. Now I say looks like because it doesn’t have a handle or knob and there’s no way to open it. But what’s weirder is something is written on it and I don’t know what language it is.

“Elo ge emna”

I got a monoxide detector and all is well in that area so I’m not suffering from a hypoxic hallucination. I’ve called both a demonologist and a priest to check out my home. A lot of you has said that it’s a demon which has me very concerned.

Last night was very intense. I fell asleep at around 8 p.m. but woke up at 3 a.m. again. I heard a very loud scream but it wasn’t human and it wasn’t any animal I’ve ever heard. Then I heard running down my hallway like something was sprinting at full speed at my door and something slammed against my door. I opened the door and I saw nothing there.

I thought your mouth going dry was just something that would happen in stories but no it actually happened to me. I walked around my house to check just in case and I heard footsteps behind me. They were only a few each time but every time I turned around I would see nothing.

Today before I left for work when I was having my morning coffee I would hear knocks on my door and windows. I thought Spirits only acted up during the night but it looks like they’re active during the day as well. I can’t believe this is going on stuff like this only happens in movies and stories.

After that I decided to stay in a motel for a couple of days until the priest shows up. The demonologist said it would take up to a week for him to arrive and I don’t want to stay in a house where terrifying shit is happening.

My brother knows a language expert who’s going to help me with what’s written on the door. It has me very curious and it has to be connected with what’s going on here. However I get the feeling that once I open the door I’m going to regret it but I have this itching sensation in my mind that I need to find out what’s going on. If any of you know how to read that language let me know.

Update 2:

Something is definitely off and it isn’t my house. I fell asleep in that motel room the other day and I woke up in my bedroom. I went all the way to my brother’s house in another city and when I fell asleep in his guest room I woke up once again in this fucking house.

I guess now that I’m stuck here I have to figure out what’s going on so I went back into the basement and the words on the door changed.

“Teloah de Elo”

Still have yet to hear back from the language expert and the priest should be here sometime in the afternoon. When I was in the basement yesterday I swore I could hear someone talking from behind the door. So I called the police.

They said it was strange but they couldn’t hear anybody from behind the door. They called out several times and nobody answered back at them. I asked if they could get it open and they said that they had no reason to open it and it would take a lot of time and equipment to open the door. Of course they wouldn’t want to waste the money unless there was a kid behind it or something.

I don’t know what good a priest will do because this seems to have gone beyond just a simple haunting. Something wants me here and I have no idea why. To be honest this is why the supernatural always bugged me because they can never come out and say what the hell it is they want!

My brother said he knew some people who worked in construction that could probably pry the door open. It’s going to be hard because it’s a metal door but to be honest if somebody’s in there I can’t just leave them to rot. I can already hear some of you saying do not open the door, but be honest wouldn’t you do the same thing. I can’t shoot the door like I said it’s metal and it will ricochet and we would be in quite the predicament.

I’ve already given up trying to go sleep somewhere else so I guess I’m going to have to tough it out here tonight. I will let you guys know if anything new erupts. Thank you for all the suggestions so far even if some of them were a little silly. I have no idea what salt in a shotgun would do but it’s an entertaining idea none the less.

Oh and before I forget I called the realtor who sold me the house and I have yet to hear back from them. I didn’t get much in the way of explanation as to the way the previous owners died but I do know it was a family of four.