I found a possessed knife, now I wish I never had

It’s been lonely out here on the streets ever since I lost my job 5 years ago. I used to have it all. A job as a marketing manager for a major firm, a beautiful wife, 2 kids, a decently sized house, 2 cars, and the obligatory dog. I was on top of the world, until the day I made my first, and last mistake.

I won’t bore you with all the details of how or why I was fired, but let’s just say costing the company millions of dollars will do it.

I found a possessed knife, now I wish I never had

I lost it all in the blink of an eye. My wife, the kids, my house, even the dog, all gone in a flash. I became a common street bum, left with nothing, to forage on the streets, beg for change, and pick through the garbage for food scraps just so I could survive. I attempted to look for a job, yes, but it was to no avail. My fate was sealed. I spent 5 long, lonely miserable years on the dirty streets fighting to live. I longed for it to all end, to wake up as if it were all a dream.

I contemplated just putting an end to this pathetic excuse of an existence I called life, trust me the thought crossed my mind, but how was more the question I had.

The answer one day presented itself, in the form of a knife I found, while digging through a garage can. It was a very ornate knife, albite a bit macabre. It’s handle was carved from the bone of an animal it seemed, painted black, and the carvings were of grotesquely twisted faces, seemingly writhing in agony. The sheath was a light colored leather, hand stitched together, a very high quality product. There were also symbols and writing inked in red on the sheath, although I couldn’t read them or make out what they were, nor did I care. This was my means to an end.

As I reached for the blade, prepared to make my escape from this miserable world, I heard the faint sound of whispering. Multiple, indiscernible, whispers, all resounding at once inside my head. I became fixated on the knife, stuck in a trancelike state and finding myself further reaching for the blade. Once my hand made contact, a clarity comes about the whispers as they spoke clearer than any human you could ever possibly imagine could.


The voices resonated within my head.


With the voices echoing in my mind, my vision began to blur and everything went black. I awoke several hours later to a gruesome scene. I was the basement of an abandoned, rundown home. The blade was in my hand, unsheathed, and laying in front of me is the bloody, mutilated, corpse of a child who looked no older than 10. “Oh God, what have I done? God forgive me, what have I done?”, I exclaimed as my hands began to shake and I dropped to my knees sobbing softly. Then the sound of familiar voices began racing though my mind once more.

“There……is…..no…..God…..here…..” “You…..must….kill….we…must…feed…”

“No. I won’t.”, I protest, choking back my tears and disgust for the deed I have committed. “I will not kill again for you!”

With my protest comes a ringing sound. The sound grew louder and louder. I could start to feel a tingling pressure building behind my eyes then suddenly, as if someone shoved a hot iron rod into my brain, I felt a searing pain shoot all through my head. The ringing grew, louder, the pressure more intense, and the pain continued. Then the voices came through again.


After what seemed like a lifetime of agony, I agreed to kill again. The pain ceased immediately, as if it had never even happened. This is when I got my first look at the blade itself. The blade had some of the same symbols as the sheath did, but with much more writing in a language I had never seen before. The blade was razor sharp, going straight from the hilt and curving midway coming to a point at the top. It curved around and went down to what was supposed to be the flat side of the blade, but ended up be a row of jagged points made for ripping at flesh. In that dimly lit basement, I could also swear the blade had a devilishly, evil glow to it.

As I reached for the blade to return it to the sheath, I heard a new sound resonate with my head. The screams of many in agony ran through my mind, so many in pain and torture. Somewhere within the screams, an echoing laughter is heard. Demonic in nature, an evil laughter beyond anything we could comprehend as humans.

Once the blade was sheathed the whispers returned.


I am now on the search for another victim, held against my will by this accursed blade. I wish I never found it, I wish I had just ended my life prior to stumbling upon this evil. I can only hope God forgives me for these unspeakable acts I commit. If anyone can, please help me. In the meantime, I must find someone, I must kill again.