I never liked mirrors

I never liked mirrors, since I was a kid they always creeped me out. I’ve had to use mirrors of course, for getting ready in the morning, but there was only one mirror in my house. The mirror itself wasn’t built in with the bathroom, it was an old mirror with a white frame that had been left by the previous owners, but it couldn’t be moved. I had tried moving it a thousand times, but it seemed to weigh more than me, this was weird but never worried me too much, figured it was screwed on the floor. But the thing I didn’t like about the mirror, was you could see my whole house behind your back with it. You could even get a glance at the rooms you couldn’t see if you turned around, but I didn’t worry.

I never liked mirrors

A week ago I fell on the shower and broke the mirror, a shard hit me in the arm and I started bleeding all over my floor, I swear it looked like something out of a horror movie, In my desperation i cried for help, but I lived alone, until I glanced at the mirror and I saw my phone ringing on my bed, it was already dialing 911. They sent an ambulance and that was the end of it, the phone thing was weird, but I didn’t worry.

After that first incident the mirror remained broken for a while, until someone sent a package to my house, it was a different mirror, with a black frame this time. It had a note on the glass that read “because you broke your last one”. It wasn’t signed but I just shrieked and moved it to the living room, I could see my back on the living room mirror from the remains of the bathroom mirror, but whenever I used any of the mirrors, my back seemed to move before I did, again, I didn’t worry.

After this one the mirrors started arriving weekly, with a note that just had a number on it, all different mirrors with different numbers. My house was starting to fill with mirrors, it was a small house after all, until one day, at mirror number 6 I stopped signing for them. 6 mirrors is 5 too many mirrors to own in my opinion, but I just placed them on the living room, and I didn’t worry.

Exactly one week later after I rejected the delivery, i came home early from work and went to the bathroom to take a shit, I looked at myself from the mirror since I had forgotten my phone, when I saw a new mirror, on my room directly besides where I slept, it had a note that read “dont stop receiving mirrors, they will help you. do not worry “. At this point I was freaked out someone had broken into my house, so I called 911 and they sent 2 officers to handle the situation, but there weren’t any leads so they dropped the case.

This kept going on for little under a year, I didn’t even take the note of the mirrors, they were labeled with its corresponding number, and from one mirror, you could see every other mirror.

But one day. The last day of that year, I wasn’t at home to receive the mirror of that week, it was my birthday and so I decided to go to a pub and try to get lucky, of course this didn’t happen and I went back home, disappointed. This time there was no mirror, at least no new mirrors, just a note on my door. It read “you didn’t come”, I just put it in my pocket and went inside, but something was off, something felt off, but I couldn’t tell what. I went to bed, and slept for 2 hours until I woke up to a loud sound coming from the living room, I went to investigate but all seemed normal, until I turned on the lights, and I saw myself. It was me on all of the mirrors, with the face behind the note with the number, so it couldn’t be seen at all, but then I noticed, I could see myself from the front, even if I looked at the mirrors behind. I freaked the fuck out, everywhere i looked i could see myself on a mirror, every single mirror. All of them. I ran to the bathroom since it only had one mirror and the other rooms in my house were loaded, I locked the door and started crying, it was a feeling I’ve never felt before, I was so scared I couldn’t move. And then I noticed a note, a new note on the bathroom mirror witch didn’t belong there, it was blank. But the effect was the same, I could see myself standing, with the note on my face, even if I was sitting on the floor I could see myself standing. I stood up and took the note off. And then…. I saw myself… I had no face, no itching just like a white canvas on my head.

But I stopped worrying.