I Saw Something Stalking Me from My Bed

I once saw something staring at me while I was in bed, and I was unable to move for I was completely frozen in fear.

One night, I woke up from a deep sleep at around 2:00 AM and felt like having some of that night water. When I awoke, I was on my back – which was quite unusual as I’m a stomach sleeper. My mouth was dry and my back wet. I guess my air conditioner stopped working again, the last thing I wanted to happen on that warm night.

scrary bed

Anyway, before I could get up from bed to get a glass of water, I felt a cold breeze hit my feet, which were not covered by my blanket. My black blanket, that is. That was also quite odd, considering my blanket is blue and not black. But I dismissed such a trivial thing. Plus, what’s that thing about our senses being unreliable and all?

Back to that gush of cold air: it came from my window, which was open. At this point, the odd and the unusual became the thoughts-of-sinister-things-to-come inducing. Because here’s the thing: I never opened my window before I went to sleep. In fact, I made sure to lock it.

At that point, freezing fear began to creep in, slowly but surely. I laid there on my bed and glared at the ceiling. I thought to myself, “Do I get up and shut the window? What about this blanket? I could’ve sworn I went to bed with a blue one. Where is it? And why the hell am I on my back? I never sleep like this.”

Then, that complete, paralyzing fear finally arrived and pierced my entire being. With my eyes still on my pitch-black ceiling, I made out an even blacker figure at the side of my eye.

I dared to slowly and slightly steer my head to the right for a more complete view of this thing. I must’ve looked like an outdated robot low on batteries, slowly turning its head at the press of a button.

It was standing right at my bedroom door, which was open. It filled the entire frame. It seemed to be lowering its head a little as if trying to keep from hitting the ceiling because of its height. I could probably never describe the fear I experienced in plain English, or any other language for that matter. It’s simply impossible. But I hope I’ve at least given an idea, because I wouldn’t wish that fear upon my worst enemy. It was hell on Earth; hopelessness, anxiety, and all bad things mixed together.

Its arms were each different – in length. Its left arm reached its waist and its right arm reached its stomach only. Its head was no different in shape than that of a basketball, completely spherical. Its eyes were human eyes. Its face was lighter in color than the rest of its body, which was a shade of black I had never seen before. And its mouth was the worst part. Its mouth consisted of nothing but teeth. Sharp, canine, teeth, and nothing else – no lips. Imagine that someone cut your lips off, exposing your teeth and removing your ability to smile or make any other expressions using your mouth. Now imagine that they then took a sharpie and traced a rectangular box around what was left, and cut away. That’s what it looked like.

And then there was movement. But not from me. I couldn’t look away for a second I was so terrified. But once, when I did, it crept closer – without making a sound. My eyes widened immediately, but I refused to let out a scream. So I decided to not do that again. But then, every time I blinked, it seemed to inch closer and closer, something it didn’t do before. But I couldn’t refuse to blink. So the inevitable happened: Every time I blinked, it made its way toward me until it was so close that I was now looking up at it. Weird thing is, it didn’t look down at me. Its eyes and its head stayed facing forward, even when it was less than an inch from me.

I wanted to die now. Like I said, I wouldn’t wish this fear upon my worst enemies. I thought that if I closed my eyes for a long period of time and then open them that this thing would finally just kill me, or whatever it was going to do. But instead, I opened my eyes to see my opened bedroom door.

It was gone. The window was still open and that mysterious blanket was still there. Only that… thing was gone.

To this day, I don’t know what it was. I don’t know if it will ever return. And I don’t know what I’ll do if it does. But if it does, I’ll let you know.