I spent halloween night at a haunted hotel

First off before i start i just want to say that i’ve never done a post like this so it might not be done in the right format or whatever so my apologies in advance!

my grandma was getting married at a hotel because of the very beautiful scenery, and the gorgeous wedding setup etc. But, the hotel is supposedly haunted by several different ghosts, and we of course, spent the night in the oldest hotel ward, which is also the most haunted.

not many things happened, but there was the other relatives there that had experienced some things as well, so bear with me

first thing first: this was before halloween day, so i don’t know if it counts but whatever. anyways, me and my sibling, let’s call them Riley. so there me and Riley are, messing around with one of the bows my grandma had brought with her, fully aware that the hotel is haunted. we are asking the ghosts questions, and have no response until i ask “if you’re here, move this bow off the table” and then i set the bow on the edge of the table. we didn’t expect a response, but when we looked away it flew right off the table and onto they floor. we were in the room alone, just the two of us, (+the ghost lol) and then the room got slightly chillier.

second: this was on halloween night, and i was sleeping in my room, when in the middle of the night i am woken in a panic by someone else whispering in my ear “heeeeeelllllllllooooooooo”. my significant other was next to me, and they were fast asleep. they were the only ones other than me in the room that night.

third: my uncle said that when my aunt (his wife) had left the room to go and grab some breakfast/coffee, my uncle kept hearing knocks and noises on the walls/doors, and had one of his glass cups fall off the counter and shatter

fourth: my sibling was sleeping and claims that they woke up in the night, and felt weight on their chest, like someone or something was sitting on Riley’s chest. Riley also says that the water in the bathroom sink turned on, and Riley was in the room alone, by themself.

the wedding was beautiful and all, but those occurrences are kinda spooky not gonna lie, sorry for any of the spelling errors there might be too :/

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