I think a demon is following me and my dad

So this is a true story. I am not sure why this happened or what this demon was exactly and would love more information on what it could be or why this happened. My dad has a history of bi-polar and drug addiction and has for as long as I could remember. The last time he tried to kill himself was really really grim and one of the saddest days of my life. But I am not here to talk about that part considering we are on reddit no sleep. What I am here to talk about is the incident that happened one week prior. I had a night light with a cat and a fish bowl and would always sleep with a small light on. I was terrified of the dark as most kids are.

One night a week prior before my dad’s suicide attempt I woke up in the middle of the night. There was a bald man in a bikers jacket standing at the edge of my bed smiling. His eyes were black and he was very pale. I felt frozen and I couldn’t scream. His head started spinning and his neck extended and his jaw dropped exposing a gaping hole. I remember trying to blink and make him go away but he remained. It wasn’t until I hid under my blanket some how and peeked back out that he was gone. I remember looking back out of my blanket and immediately passing out which was really confusing for me. When I woke up I ran to my dad and told him what happened, he started apologizing and saying it was all his fault, which also confused me. A week later he mutilated himself in a parking lot, and shortly after that he went to treatment. I am not sure why but up until he went in to treatment his behavior was really dark and demented.


I never understood exactly until I formed an addiction of my own. I got really really into fentanyl and eventually started doing heroin. I developed a death wish of my own and attempted suicide once myself. But a paticular incident stands out to me. I went to meet with my friend for some dope in a sketchy hotel. We sat around and out of nowhere he said “I can summon demons”. I said “Okay cool but let’s not.” He did anyway. He turned off all of the lights and did some weird chant. All of the sudden a bluetooth speaker flickered on in the corner and all you could hear is backwards arabic and then loud screaming. I felt something sit down next to me and yelled at someone to turn on the lights. When the lights came on some random cat was sitting next to me and i yelled “What the fuck was that?!” at this sketchy man. He said “You know exactly who that was.” at the same time he said that i spotted a black hand print on the wall next to me. I absolutely lost my shit and started panicking.

My girlfriend walks in just as I am beginning to lose it and yells “What the fuck did you do to her?”. Somewhere during this incident he mentioned the demon baal and that is the closest lead I have on anything. The paranormal incidents followed me home, there was banging on the walls, shadows of a man standing in my room. My girlfriend heard and saw the last incidents too so I know I wasn’t crazy. I still don’t have any explanation of what happened to me or my dad. But I would love answers. (I am not talking about out addictions I know that part. Also I am not bi polar I was adopted)