I think someone is living in my basement…

It all started around a month ago.. but first a little backstory about me and my house.

I’m a 14 year old girl living with my parents, grandmother, and little brother. I’ve lived in this house my entire life and never really felt safe. I’ve had multiple stories that I could tell, but this is about the most recent. I’ve even had multiple experiences of sleep paralysis. Plus, This house is around 150 years old, it used to help mining or something. My family thinks someone died here before. And We live in a community that had a lot of coal mines. We’ve actually had a mining incident less than a mile from my house that is fairly popular in our state of Pennsylvania. Plus we don’t live a “nice” area. We literally have something called “the 52 steps” which is pretty much secret tunnels that are around 5 miles long and have many branches, right down the street from my house. My one friend sometimes refers to them as catacombs. But back to the story.

I think someone is living in my basement

Around a month ago, when I stopped locking the basement door when I went to bed, and the one night I leave my phone downstairs, I find it had been opened. I know this because the most recent notification was at around 4 in the morning and I had many other messages that didn’t appear on my lock screen.And my entire family was asleep so it definitely wasn’t them. The next night, I took my phone to my room, and the same exact thing happened. I shrugged it off as a glitch or something. It happened every night after that. A few days ago, I got hardcore proof that something was going on. My mom tells me that I was using my data at 3;30 in the morning, when I and the rest of my family, was asleep. For a fact.

Last night I went into my basement to fix my WiFi because something was unplugged. I walk down feeling really uneasy. I see some of the wires were torn up. That really put me on edge, but again I rationalized it as maybe a squirrel or something got into the basement because it had happened before. I got a freezie pop from the basement freezer then went upstairs where my grandma was waiting for me. And I definitely turned the light off as I went up. When I reached the corner that led to my kitchen I hear a huge crash I look back and the basement light was on. I Think to myself, “that’s weird” then I continue with my day, until I hear another crash, then another. From the basement..

I open the door, the light is off again.. I turn it on, and walk down the steep flight of stairs. I see my dads punching bad swaying vigorously, as if someone had punched it. Both of my parents were at work and my nana and brother were with me when we heard it so it wasn’t them.

There are also many places to hide in my basement.. for example there is literally a door leading to a room which I had no idea about until a few months ago.

That’s all I have for now, I’m going to be sure to keep my door locked tonight. Stay safe reddit.