i think there is something in my house

My girlfriend and I recently moved into a house together about 3 month ago. We have several roommates as we are in school and working, all of us are 19-22. We got the basement room naturally as we were the last to move in, and like most basement rooms the unfinished look gave way to creepy vibes.

first things first, the room is about 10 feet by 8-ish, and for some reason has a stone fireplace on the far wall. this fireplace has been repainted over the years, and in the middle there is a shrine like cutout with two mermaid statuettes mounted.

I got a kick out of it, Ive always liked eccentric things but my opinion changed as i further explored the room. upon moving in my stuff, i realized that the staircase had an obvious man made cutout with a door that barely fit the opening. my roommates said they never hd opened it, so naturally i decided to see what was in side.

I opened the door, only to reveal a molded pillow nested in dust. that was the only thing in the crawl space. it looked like it had been there for a long time I’m sure.

I decided to cover up the door with my tv stand, out of site, out of mind. the days went by as we filled the room with our belongings, and after a while we noticed writings on the wall.

it was child-like, unintelligible, and messy. We noticed numbers counting 1-8 beside our bed on the wall, right where we lay our heads. kinda freaked us out but we had heard that the family before had like 7 children living here. here’s the thing about that family, we had been told that they were new to the country, and they naturally held different cultural beliefs.

they had used our sunroom to skin and prepare squirrels, only thing as far as we know, which seemed weird considering we live in such a populated area filled with grocery stores and markets.

We didn’t think anything of it until my girlfriend was laying down at night and heard and felt someone almost scream in the form of a whisper say “Michael”. obviously freaked, we discussed it and couldn’t connect it back to anything. since then the activity had calmed down, until we mentioned it to our roommates at dinner one night.

This is when things got incredibly weird. One of our roommates got visibly uncomfortable and asked us not to fuck around about this, and we told him we weren’t. he continued to tell us that he had been almost followed by an entity his entire life who is to be believed to be named michael. he said that it was a name that he had noticed written in random places in his previous childhood home.

now we were pretty convinced he had brought something into the house or added to something that was already here. This roommate was with our other roommate and since this they have broken up. leading up to the break up, the whole house was very negative, tensions were high and he eventually moved out.

Upon leaving, the activity has spiked significantly. The cat and dog have been acting strange, barely eating, whining constantly, barking at nothing. Following all of this i had heard a scratching noise coming from our closet area, that persisted for about an hour. it didn’t sound like anything in the walls, but like someone lightly scraping the surface of the wall in long drawn out scratches.

Just last night in fact, I had awoken to hearing someone walking around in our studio. It was like a lumbering, heavy footed, almost stumbling walk. It became more real when i heard it brush up against a desk or whatever it brushed up against, like it was a literal physical object. i was paralyzed with fear when I saw a glow illuminate my studio equipment, and saw the glow create shadows along the wall.

I can’t remember if i fell asleep as it was happening or if it ended and i fell asleep but either way i am convinced that something is in my house. MY girlfriend and i decided to do some web surfing bout this kind of activity when discussing our finding, the hallway outside our door was filed with rustling and sounds of movement that gradually ended with a bursting sound against the door.

I can’t tell if it’s a positive or negative energy, but all i know is that it is not human. Any feedback is welcome and encouraged, and so are any solutions.

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