I was laying in bed when this happen – By BeeVee31

Hello, I’m new here but I thought I would share my story. So one night I was laying in bed and as I lay there slowly drifting off to dream land I heard footsteps on the stairs, thinking it was my roommate going up to bed I though nothing of it.


I remember having this dream of me walking through the house I was living in and found a door that wasn’t there in reality but I figured I would go through it anyways, now as I walk through the door the room I went in was ice cold and as most stories go a ball hit my foot. Now I didn’t feel like I was in danger or it was a bad feeling so I asked; if anyone is here its ok I’m not here to hurt you. Dose anyone remember the two little girls from the Steven king movie the shinning well they came out of the wall and told me to play ball with them. Now I’ve been into the paranormal for quiet some time so I agreed and we sat and rolled the ball between the three of us. As I feel I’m about to wake up from my dream I say; ok I have to go now it was fun playing they smiled a very creepy smile and said ; we will see you again. So as I’m waking up I feel something ice cold like a finger touching the center of the back of my neck as I fully wake up I hear a laugh like a giggle. I was so creeped out that after that night I turned my bed towards the wall and never slept with my door open ever again.

I’ve had a lot of experiences with the paranormal when I was a kid from lights getting turned on to floating off my bed. If you want to hear more let me know in the comments these are all very real I just like sharing my stories.