I was pushed by a shadow person

When I (27f) was about 4, my parents and I went to my grandmother’s house (my Mom’s mom), which was haunted. There was a room upstairs that would always be ice cold; like in the middle of summer there would be no air conditioners or fans in the entire house and that room would be freezing.

Any way, we get there and my uncles, who were 6 and 3, say lets go outside and play. So I took my shoes off, but before I run out my mom tells me to put my shoes back on, and being a kid I didn’t listen. So we ran to the swing set and I jumped on the slide while my uncles ran to a corner of the yard. I was about to slide down when out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall shadow next to me. Than I felt large hands on my arm that pushed me off. I landed with my head near the end of the slide and my feet were near the ladder. I was a little disoriented when I sat up, but when I stood I notice I have a patch of dead grass stuck to my foot. I shook my foot as hard as I could and the grass would not come off; I bent down and wiped it off the was gash across the top of my right foot. I told my parents, went to the hospital, and got about 8 stitches. My uncle found a huge chunk of broken glass right next to the slide.

Everyone thought the slide leg maybe just buckled ( I was not a small child), but if the leg had just buckled then I would have just gone over the edge with my head near the ladder rather than my feet.

A couple months age I was talking to my grandma about what happened and she laughed and said, ” oh then it was probably Uncle Charlie”. Like, what?

Can you guess which room Uncle Charlie died in? If you guessed the ice cold room you’re a winner, baby.

Then a couple months after that I was going upstairs and had my legs knocked out from under me and slide down the stairs on my belly, scraping my front side.

Also, I do see he was teaching me to listen to my parents, the irony is not lost. The scar from that day has crept up to my ankle from the middle of my foot.

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