Inbreds in the woods

This story takes place in the Appalachian mountain range. I was always really into hiking my dad would take me a lot as a child. It was always a favorite hobby of ours. It was a good way for us to connect and we always had a great time.

That being said I thought I was invincible and nothing could ever happen to me. I had just turned 19 years old and I decided it was time for me to get a hike in considering I just graduated from technical school and had nothing else to do.

I loaded my gear up in my car and set off for a trailhead my father and I regularly used. This was one of the first times I was doing a serious hike alone. My father and I never went more than a couple of miles into the woods.

Inbreds in the woods

I planned to do a 10 mile solo trek to a beautiful waterfall set back in the mountains. It was a gorgeous fall day, the smell of the mountains and outdoors was just too perfect. I couldn’t ask for better hiking weather. I parked the car in the lot and set off, surprised there wasn’t another car in the lot.

I set off around 4 o’clock and figured I’d be able to make it at least half way there before nightfall had set. I made it roughly four or so miles into my journey before the sun began to set so I decided I would set up camp for the night.

I pitched my tent, made a fire, and ate my dinner I had brought for the night. Nothing weird had happened up until this point. I figured this is gonna be a good time and went to sleep that night with a huge grin on my face knowing what tomorrow had in store for me.

I awoke abruptly from my slumber to the sounds of yelling and hollaring set off in the distance made me feel uneasy as sound travels in these mountains like you wouldn’t believe. I grabbed my hunting knife and slipped my boots on.

I was perched up above a valley and could see a faint glow, just over the hill in the distance. I found this to be strange because I knew that fire would have to be relatively large for me to see from such a ways away. At this point I’m beginning to think something is up because I tied my napsack in a tree so no animals could get to my food.

It was cut, everything was gone I didn’t bring in the tent. I looked down and to my horror there were foot prints surround by my tent. I began to have a mini anxiety attack at the thought of this. And then I realize the foot prints led to the back of my tent.

I walked around my tent to see exactly where the prints went and to my horror there was a slit in the back of my tent where someone had to have been watching me. I began to sweat. From my groggy state, I must not have noticed.

Just as I’m surveying the area, I hear a snap from a couple of yards behind me. My fire was just about out and I knew I needed to hide. There was a hill behind where I set up with rocks and a little over hang that was just out of the line of sight. I slipped in between and waited.

No sooner than five minutes later, a group of four or so people came up to my camp only light by torches. The only thing is, these weren’t normal people. They had clept lips and looked dirty. I remember one of them looked disfigured and walked with a limp due to being disportioncate.

Then the smell hit me. They smelled like burning garbage with a mix of rotting animal corpse and raw sewage. I puked a little in my mouth. When they opened my tent and saw I wasn’t there they began to flip out screaming and only what I can guess was “talking” to each other.

They split up into two ways, my guess, was to look for me. I knew I needed to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. But I didn’t know what way to go because they took my pack with my map, compass, cellphone, etc.

All I had on my was my little shitty 4 inch fixed blade boot knife. These maniacs were carrying shotguns and what I guessed to be, some kind of homemade spears. Two of them went the way I came from so I knew that wasn’t an option.

My only choice was to keep climbing up so I could get a vantage point and try to find my way out of here. You never notice how dark the woods truly are until your in a situation like this.

My movement was slow as to not draw any attention to myself. I got to the top of the ridge and looked out over the area. Nothing looked familiar and all I could see was miles and miles of dark woods. I knew if I didn’t make it out of here I was soon to be these things next meal.

The moonlight illuminated a stream below gleaming over the water like a beacon of light. I knew if I could make it there I’d be able to take the stream about two miles back down river to the trailhead I came from.

Just as I was about to start climbing down, I heard a labored breathing and grunting coming up the side of the ridge follow by manic laughter. I began to freak the fuck out and start leaping down the other side of the mountain not caring about the rocks and rugged terrain as I’m hurling myself down the side.

I came to a point where it was just a drop off of about 20 or so feet, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to jump because I’d risk rolling an ankle or breaking my leg. There was a thin tree about 10 to 15 feet out and I knew it was my only option.

I ran and leapt as hard as I could just as this crazy inbred was about to catch up to me. I just caught a branch with one hand and quickly grabbed with my other I started to climb down as fast as I could and I noticed the torch going back up the side of the hill.

At an instant I knew that they were going to try to go around and cut me off so I decided to take my chances and go up the steam than down as to go to the waterfall because I remembered there was an alternate route from there.

I started the trek up the creek not knowing what to expect but I knew I had to keep quiet as to not get caught. About what I guessed had to have been at least an hour, I had made it to the waterfall. It was rushing so hard from storms we had just had. And it wasn’t hard to miss.

That’s when I saw it up on top the falls I could make out that same orange ominous glow I knew it was them but how. At an instant I realized that there had to have been more of these fuckers out there. They were the hunters and I was their prey.

I turned to go in the opposite direction and was met face to face with the most horrifying motherfucker I had and have ever seen in my life. His face was all distorted and drool was dripping from his mouth as if he were salivating at the look of me. He was big and looked as if he snapped a log over his knee.

He let out a scream and lunged for me. I side stepped and he fell on the ground as I was standing in front of an old tree stump. He yelled in anger but as soon as he hit the ground my knife met his throat and he began to spit up and choke on his blood.

The others let out an ear piercing scream as they saw their beloved brother bleeding out on the ground. I took off in a full sprint down river and I wasn’t letting up no matter how much my legs ached and burned, I knew I needed to get the fuck out of here.

I knew I needed to get to the other side of the stream but due to the storm it was just too high for me to just run across it. Eventually I found an old tree that fell across the stream and decided it was my only chance.

I stepped on to the log and almost instantly slipped in there wasn’t any bark on it and the wood was wet making it almost impossible to cross but I could hear them not too far behind me. I decided it’s now or never and somehow managed to make it just barely I had to jump off near the end because I was slipping and made one foot onto land as the other dipped in the cold water.

I made it to the alternate trail me my dad and I had used so many other times. “I made it”, I kept telling myself as I’m in a full sprint down the trail. By some miracle I managed to make it back to my car. I was so thankful that I kept my keys on a ring attached to my belt loop.

I spent no time unlocking my car and starting it up I threw my car into drive and went to floor it when a figure stepped out into front of my head lights with a gun.

I stomped on the gas not caring, I just wanted to get out of there. I hit this guy full force with a vicious thud and felt his body get sucked under my tires. I didn’t care as long as it meant living another day. I made it home at the break of dawn.

As I pulled into my driveway and came to halt with screeching tires, my mother and father swung the door open to see what the noise was. My mother asked,

“Oh my god what happened to your car there is blood all over!”

I just ended up telling her I hit a deer because who would believe me that I was chased my some inbred hillbilly’s and was forced to hit one with my car, so she believed the story and started to cook breakfast.

My father kept giving me this look like he knew that there was more to the story than I was telling him. It wasn’t until a couple days later that I broke down and told him what happened. That’s when he told me he knows they’re out there and not to stay in those woods alone.

He’s seen them before, he then told me. Him and a friend went out there to go camping when they were teens. His friend went missing in the night. He thought he smelled a barbecue so he followed the smell and sure enough they had his buddy roasting over a large bonfire like a fucking pig.

He said that they’re out there and they have the taste for blood and they won’t stop because they need to survive. They just keep eating hikers and repopulating with each other, living in their so called colony. I’m just happy I made it out alive with the skin on my back.

You never know what sick deranged fuckers are living out there in the woods. So just remember the next time you see so called “lost hikers” in the news, something way more sinister is happening out there. In the woods they won’t hear your screams and you’ll be served up as some hillbilly barbecue. Be careful out there.

Thanks for the read! Stay creepy my friends