It crawled into bed with me

So when I was about 17, my family had just moved back to Canada from living in the USA. It was a bit sudden and being a family of 6 it was a little bit of a scramble to find a place to house all of us before the snow hit. So my mom and dad decided to live in an old house that my grandpa had on his property, just for the duration on the approaching winter ahead. The house was my great uncles and my grandpa skid it from his brothers property, to his place. Now my grandpa has two quarter sections and this house is tucked way back away from his main house, so the power is ran from the main house and with it being so far away there is no running water.

This house is old, so to add to the no running water there also isn’t heat, only a wood stove. Just to give you an idea of what we were living in. Me being a 17 year old, I often stayed in town and didn’t stay there very often not just because it was a pain with the no water and heat but because shit was creepy. I specifically remember the first time it happened. I was in my bed, I was the only one who would stay down stairs. With the wood stove everyone wanted to sleep up stairs since it was warmer.

So I was just starting to fall asleep and I started to feel the room get really heavy. I remember the feeling of not being alone. The doorway didn’t have a door on it, it only had a beaded curtain and I could feel it standing there. I then remember having the feeling of total fear rush over me and frozen to my core with it. Then it moved closer and I felt the bed move and someone crawl right up beside me, not in a way that was super noticeable but in a sneaky..slow..sloth moving type of way. I specifically remember wanting to vomit with fear.

Then…I felt it, the feeling of an unshaven face rub against mine. I LOST MY DAMN MIND. I scrambled out of bed holding my blanket and ran up the stairs to my parents room. I was so out of my mind with fear I couldn’t scream. I slept on the floor on my dads side of the bed. The next morning my mom was wondering why her 17 year old daughter was curled up at the foot of their bed and I told her what happened.

Later that morning we walked over to my grandpas house to have breakfast and go chat, my mom brought up my “wild” story. My grandpa and grandma silently listened and as my mom was laughing at the last bit of the story, my grandparents got really serious and turned to each other.

Apparently this has been an issue in the “old house” and they didn’t want to tell us, hoping of we didn’t acknowledge it then it wouldn’t bother us. I can honestly say it didn’t feel angry, or upset. It just wanted to cuddle? I didn’t stay there much after that. I moved in with a cousin in town.

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