Most paranormal moment in my life so far

I wrote this last year (2019) to send to the mr nightmare youtube channel (thats why its super formal) but he never posted the story so i guess ill share it here. I changed the names of my friends and cousin, not that it matters. Its all true but i left out the part about us getting followed by a car on the way back. Anyways, here you go.

There’s a place in Kaysville, Utah called Kay’s Cross. I’ll let you research the full history of the place but basically a guy started a cult and claimed he was Jesus. He got murdered for some reason and someone made a stone cross for him in his honor. A lot of evil things happened there, so someone blew up the cross. No one knows who it was to this day. These days it’s owned by some family that keeps it very private and don’t like trespassers. The place was even on Ghost Adventures.

Anyways, I have gone there a total of three times (four if you count the time I got caught about to trespass) but the only times some thing really happened is the first time and the third time I went there.

The first time I went with two of my friends, Mike and Gary. We always had liked to ghost hunt and we have gone to a cabin in the woods that was apparently Ted Bundy’s. Anyways, it was June, and we had just watched the Ghost Adventures episode and thought it would be easy to sneak on to the property and see the cross for ourselves.

We drove 20 minutes and finally arrived. It is literally the sketchiest place on earth. We cut through the little orchard next to the property and found a trail that we thought led to the cross. This is when stuff started going down. I heard a woman faintly yell my name. It was clear as day and seemed to be coming from the cross.

“Whatever,” I thought. “Must be some kids playing games and my imagination made it sound like my name.”

My friend Gary then says “Dude that was your name”

Mike didn’t hear it, so we ignored it and kept walking. We eventually got to this well that’s had satanic symbols spray painted on it. It looked pretty cool, until we looked down the well. There was a very large black duffel bag full with something.

“Probably a body bag” Mike joked. We all nervously laughed, but were all kind of freaking out a little bit. we walked further down the path. As soon as the remains of the cross came into view, Mike had the worst panic attack I’ve ever seen anyone have. Mike is a tough guy and is usually really chill, so this was really freaky to see happen. He kept wanting to leave, but me and Gary kept going.

We got to the cross and stopped to look around. We started hearing whispers coming from all around us. We could see very faint images of tall black shadow figures all around us. We immediately booked it back the way we came. More shadow figures were standing in the woods all the way down the trail. It felt like they were laughing at us as we ran in fear. We eventually got back to the car and drove all the way home without saying a word.

Now, fast forward to last week. My cousin, Seth was in town from Colorado and he had heard my story that I had just told you. He wanted me to take him, so I drove him up there. When we got there, I saw Mike had texted me saying he and Gary wanted to hangout. I told them what we were doing and they said they would be there in 30 minutes. When the finally got there, we planned how we should get in. We had heard of a back entrance to get to the cross, so we wanted to try that.

We drove around and finally got to the back entrance. We had to jump a wire fence and a broken barbed wire fence to get there. The area was basically a big hill with dry long grass. we followed the small path up the hill. We looked at the map on our phone and decided that fastest way was to cut through a thick group of trees that were where a stream used to be. It was lower than the hills, so getting down there was a little bit tricky. We walked into the trees and slowly worked our way through them. Gary was in the front, then me, then Seth, and then Mike.

We were almost out of the trees when we heard footsteps off to the left of us. We stopped to listen. about ten feet away we heard two footsteps, then the loudest snap ever, like someone broke a huge tree branch.

“What was that” Seth asked

We all tuned around and walked out of there back up the hill. We gathered ourselves, and decided to take the trail around the trees. As we were walking, Seth and Mike said they kept seeing someone duck into the tall grass when they looked back. Someone was following us. We kept waking, trying to stay aware of our surroundings.

We were almost past the trees when we heard footsteps again. We looked into the trees, and this time turned out flashlights on our phones on. We could see pretty far into the trees, but we saw no one. We heard more footsteps and decide that was enough. We ran back to the two fences, hopped them, and got into our cars.

I don’t know what was there those days in those trees, and i don’t know what keeps making want to go back, but I do plan to go there again someday.

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