My childhood nightmare

This is the story of a dream/nightmare I experienced at the age of 6.It still is really weird to me and unexplained;in my mind,it seems creepy and unexplained enough.So,with that,let me resurface some of the specifics. I don’t remember the events during daytime,but I do remember that it was around 2 P.M. when I got back from school.I have been nervous that day for some reason and since I could not explain to myself why,I was feeling a bit grumpy.Hours pass ,me playing with some toys,having dinner etc.

My childhood nightmare

It was about 9 or 10 P.M. when it was bed time.My parents were really strict on that ,so when I started complaining about not wanting to sleep that night alone or at all,they simply demanded that I had to go now.As I layed there,I couldn’t really even relax on the bed and I remember a cold sensation which made everything much worse.For a moment,I thought i was asleep but still consious of my state;i wasn’t sleeping yet my eyes were closed and everything was pitch black but it felt like something was there.All of a sudden,that void black turned red ,an endless pit of red colour(something like a crimson light being forced against my eyelids) and something started forming behind me.At this point,I realised that I was somehow watching myself laying there on my bed,somehow floating over my body,watching as everything unfolded.I couldn’t sense a thing ,as if i was empty.

As that ‘thing’ began forming behind my body I could almost see it clearly. Its form was that of a typical skinny man(you could say more like a skeleton),with a black overall cape,shredded on the edges and had a scythe in one hand.Its face was like the mask of the killer in Scream but somehow more crooked and oozed a sense of darkness and fear. It formed fully and pointed at me with its left hand,specifically my back. I watched as it approached my empty body.It fiercely grabbed its scythe with both hands and raised it high and with the handle it hit a spot on my back.

I remember everything turning black,opening my eyes,being back in my room and I was screaming.Pure pain on my back,like the thing hit me in real life and the force was so overwelming that I couldn’t control my body and mind.My parents rushed in and asked me about my scream.With eyes full of tears ,I stood on my bed and told them that my back hurts and I couldn’t stand it…They tried to comfort me but as they tried to put me back to bed I felt the pain again and started crying and complaining more.

They finally decided that we needed to get to a hospital and see what’s wrong.My mothers hug comforted me a bit and on the ride there I fell a bit asleep.Not long after,we entered the emergencies and they put me on an x-ray scanner. They said that my growth rate was being really quick and a vertebra hadn’t developed as it should. They added that if this went on or if I picked up something heavier than usual,it could snap my spinal cord ,eventually being paralyzed or could possibly die.I got treated in hospital for some time,then followed some treatment from another doc and my back wass fine(since I’m here talking about it, kinda obvious it’s ok now).

To this day,I can’t explain it. The pain is understandable(?) and the sensation it gave me,but that thing;that thing ,what was it?Did it save me or tried to do its final bidding on me?I really can’t wrap my head around it