My dog was protecting me from something

Ok this isn’t very scary or eventful and it may not even belong here but I think it’s interesting enough to share and it’s kind of sweet in a weird way. I like detail so feel free to skip to the 4th paragraph if you want to get to the story faster.

To start off I come from a spiritual family. My grandma, dad, aunts and uncles and older cousins have a ton of stories. Thankfully I didn’t inherit too much of it as I believe in spirits but never had an experience seeing one. Or at least knowing I saw one for sure. I do get feelings about places and I can tell whether a place is “safe” or not for me.

So my partner, now husband, let’s call him J, and I lived in a really large 2 bedroom/1.5 bathroom apartment on the top/2nd floor of a complex during our last years of college and we stayed there after we both graduated. It was nice, just old but not at all creepy. We moved in with our 1-2 year old dog, we’ll call him G. He’s an larger than normal Italian greyhound if you want to picture him. Like a small whippet I guess. A nice quiet dog.

J worked most week nights as a new Construction manager, he was an intern turned employee and he would leave after dinner and be home around 5/6am leaving me and the dog by ourselves.

G wasn’t allowed to sleep in our bed so whenever J was gone for work, we’d have a “sleepover” on our futon in the living room and we’d watch a movie or show and fall asleep together. I wasn’t “lucky” enough to get a 9-5 job straight after college so staying up late was the usual. I would use the sleep timer on the tv often here.

Well one night, long after the tv had turned itself off, I woke up suddenly to my dog growling…and not a loud growl, just very soft, almost like a whisper growl. My eyes had to adjust to the darkness but eventually I was able to see a silhouette of G on the other side of the coffee table growling towards me. I tried to get him to stop and come back to me but he wouldn’t listen and that’s pretty much when I realized someone else was in the house and said to myself, “fffff, it’s behind me isn’t it?” Our futon wasn’t up against a wall, I had a large desk and computer back there. So if something or someone was there, they could fit.

I turned the tv back on for light and got the courage to peek behind the couch….nothing. I got mad at the dog for freaking me out for nothing and told him to come back to “bed” and he finally listened. I left the tv on for the rest of night and tried to fall back asleep.

I didn’t think much of it because I never FELT anything in that house. But then this would happen at least once a month, in the same exact way. Up until J stopped working nights. I felt safer in the living room with the TV on and the dog so I kept doing it.

It didn’t occur to me until I shared my experiences with a friend that perhaps, G did this every night, and that I only noticed when he growled maybe a little too loud, waking me up. That he was protecting me (us even) from whatever was there EVERY night and tried not to wake me up in doing so, hence the quiet growling. We’ve since moved and G doesn’t ever growl at anything except maybe his little brother who we adopted later.

G is not a brave dog in a sense, I mean Italian greyhounds are shy and bashful so it was definitely strange behavior from him. But I still like to think he protected me all those times like a very good boy.

Like I said, I know it’s not very scary or eventful so if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. If you’d have had similar experiences I’d love to hear them.

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