My Experience Living with a Demon/Poltergeist

In 2017 me and my girlfriend moved into a tiny, kinda crappy house in our college town. The house was made by a couple of students a few years prior, so the architecture was a bit sloppy. For example, the roof was FLAT (take note of this, it will be important later). However, the house was really cheap and close to campus so it seemed like a total steal. The first couple of months living there nothing out of the ordinary happened, but it wasn’t too long before we started experiencing strange paranormal activities. The first odd occurrence was with our smoke detectors…

Our smoke detectors would go off CONSTANTLY. It was strange because they would go off even if there wasn’t smoke in the house (from our bad cooking for example). We thought that maybe it was because of old batteries, but no matter how many times we changed them it never made a difference. It got to the point they were going off 3-5 times a day, and at that, we just broke down and took the batteries out of all of them (Notes: there were 6 detectors in total). However, even without batteries, the smoke detectors were STILL going off, so out of desperation, we turned off the entire smoke detector circuit to the house. It was at this point when things started getting really out of control… The backroom/storage room in the house always had a really eerie feeling, like someone was watching you, or standing just behind you staring down at you. Thankfully, me and my girlfriend’s bedroom was the furthest room in the house from the storage area, so I avoided it like the plague. Anyways, one night around 3 am the smoke detector in our bedroom goes off. However, it’s not it’s usual repetitive beeping, its a single long beep. It sounded like when someone holds its “test” button on a detector. Frustrated, my girlfriend grabs a chair from the dining room and stands on it to reach the detector, but moments before she touches it, the beep stops. We both groan in irritation as she goes to put the chair back, but before she makes it to the dining room the smoke detector down the hallway from our room makes the same continuous beep. Just like before, she stands on the chair to reach the detector, but right before grabbing it the detector stops. Our smoke detectors continued this pattern all the way back to the creepy storage room. This happened two more times that night… it was as if whatever was messing with us was trying to lead us to its room. This would happen to us at least once or twice a week for the next year and a half we lived there.

Shortly after the encounters with the smoke detectors, the house became absolutely INFESTED with bugs. There was no history of bug issues when we bought the house, and it started almost immediately after our first experience with the smoke detectors. Bugs would pour out of light fixtures, small cracks in the walls/counters, and of course, the smoke detectors. Literally, one minute everything would be fine, then the next winged insects or ants would POUR out of the walls. We had multiple exterminators come, but less than a week after treating the house, the bugs would come back just as bad as before. It made us miserable, and I’ve never seen an infestation to that extreme. It was unnatural.

After these occurrences, we began feeling really terrified and depressed. We both hated being home, but there was no other place for us to go. This was when the footsteps started. Remember how I said our roof was flat? At least a few times a week we would hear large, heavy, possibly hoof-like footsteps on the roof. We tried writing it off as being animals, so whenever we heard the steps we would run outside to see if we could spot the animal in question… but there was never anything there. The steps were VERY far apart from one another. Whatever was walking on our roof would start from the creepy storage room, and in maybe three or four steps walk to our bedroom. The steps were so loud…. so loud it sounded like whatever was haunting us was either very big, or stomping to get our attention.

Now began the phantom sounds. We had large metal bowls that we used daily for cooking, so when we were done, we would wash them and set them on the counter to dry. The first time it happened, me and my girlfriend were sitting on the couch in the living room. The kitchen was right next to the living room, but there was an island that blocked our view to the sink area. Anyways, on this night, we were startled by the sound of our multiple metal bowls being thrown off the counter. At this time we didn’t have pets, so we assumed the worst and thought someone might be breaking into the house. We both shot up and ran over to face our worst fear, but not only was no one in the house, nothing in the kitchen had been moved. The bowls were still on the counter just where we left them. This was the most common paranormal occurrence in the house, and it happened at least five to ten times a day at all hours. After a while, we were so sick and tired of these disturbances we stopped using our metal bowls, or if we did use them we would hand dry them and put them away right after use. This didn’t make the spirit very happy, so next, we started hearing what sounded like our ceramic plates being thrown to the ground, and our kitchen cabinets slamming over and over again. Do you know those types of cabinet hinges that close slowly? Yeah, that’s what we had. So to slam the cabinets like that, they would have had to have been closed with excessive force.

The next phase in our haunting was sightings in photographs. The phone I had at the time had one of those automatic face tracking features, meaning when you would take pics on my phone yellow boxes would appear around the person’s face to focus on them. One night I was taking a picture in me and my gf’s bedroom when a yellow face tracker square appeared at the foot of our bed… WAY above our bed… If that was a person, they would have had to be at least 7 feet tall. At the time we did have posters on our bedroom walls, so while focusing on the face tracker square I circled the room to confirm that the tracker wasn’t just focusing on one of the posters on accident. To my dismay, no matter where I was in the room, or from what angle the square stayed in the exact same place. Oh yeah, even better, I was home alone for a few nights… I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such sheer terror as I did when I went to sleep that night. After this first encounter, having cameras track faces in our pictures became a constant occurrence all throughout the house.

The final phase of our haunting before getting the heck out of there was physical encounters. This happened more often to my girlfriend than me, but something would occasionally grab and pull our hair, especially when we were walking through the living room. But the most terrifying experience goes to our friend Jamie. She came to visit us for a few nights, and while she was there she would sleep on our couch. She was aware of all the paranormal encounters in the house and she had seen most of them firsthand, but nothing compared to what was about to happen. It was around three in the morning when she woke up with an eerie uncomfortable feeling. All of a sudden, she experienced what felt like someone/something stepping up onto the couch. It stepped both of its feet up, one on either side of her body. Starting from her feet it slowly walked up the length of her body until it felt like two feet on either side of her head. She said she felt an intense malicious energy staring down at her, but she was too terrified to open her eyes. Meanwhile, the cabinets in the kitchen began to slam over and over again. For the next few hours, she pretended to sleep all while this presence still stood over her. She told me she’s not exactly sure when it went away because she eventually became so exhausted she fell asleep.

Not too long after this experience, we were finally able to sell the house and get the heck out of there. We lost tons of money because we sold the house for way less than we originally paid. I can’t help but feel bad for the person who bought the house, but its been almost three years and she’s still living there. I think the takeaway from this story is if a house is priced too good to be true, then it is…

Thanks for listening!

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