My experience with something i can not explain

This is my first post ever on reddit, i wanted to share this cause what im about to tell you guys is really weird to me cause i see everything in a very logical way. (sorry if some sentences dont add up english is not my first language)

When i was about 3-4 years old i lived in a small appartement (for my personal privacy im not going to say where 😛 ) first ill tell you some little details, it was mid summer. My room is in a P shape with the door at the bottom. The 1 window i had was completely closed, i had no pyjamas on i only had underwear on cause the of the weather, and my mom was in the living room watching tv about to go to bed. i was fast asleep when all of a sudden i feel a hand on my back (i was laying on my stomache) i jumped up cause i didnt expect to feel a hand on my back. when i looked around my room i didnt see anything mostly cause my eyes were adjusting to the dark, i got out of bed and walked to the livingroom where my mom was and she asked why im still up, i dont know what i responded with cause its been 17 years since this happened and i was 3-4 years old at the time. after that my mom walked with me back to my bed and i slept trough the night.

Years later when i was about 15 years old my mom and i had a conversation about that appartement, she said that in that appartement very weird things were happening. Some examples are: when my mom was done with showering she opened the curtain and when she went back in 5 seconds later the curtain was closed again. Tv turning on in the middle of the night, and weird clicking noises. we suspected that that house had a poltergeist, and when me and my mom were almost done with our conversation i thought about that night and i can vaguely remember a black mass/shape standing in the corner of my room (but that could be a childs imagination).

Why i wanted to write this here is cause i still want to know what it couldve been, was it my imagination or was it the “poltergeist” .

If you guys have questions just comment and ill try to answer them as precisely as i can.

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