My Grandfather’s ghost story – By Luke8703

I would like to start by saying that this experience did not happen to me but to my grandfather. I was always close to my grandfather, we stayed close up until his death. One thing that I admired most about my grandfather was his tough as nails attitude. He always carried himself with such confidence, I never seen him afraid of anything, and I never seen him lose that fearlessness. Except for when he would talk about something that happened to him when he was a teenager.

My Grandfather’s ghost story

I heard him tell this story only a couple of times in my life, but when he would he would lose that fearless attitude I mentioned before. His voice would become shaky and quiet, and he would get this frightful look in his eye. The experience happened to him in the mid 1940s when he was around 14 or 15 years old. He grew up in a rural mountain town in Kentucky. One evening he was taking the dirt road back to his house after visiting his older sister that lived a short distance from their family. It was beginning to get dark so he hurried along fearing his parents would begin to worry. To get home he had to cross an old rickety wooden bridge that sat over a creek, then after the bridge there was a split in the dirt path. Left would take him home, right led God knows where. He began crossing the bridge. By this time it was getting quite dark.

Halfway across the bridge he noticed what seemed to be a woman, wearing a white night gown that a woman back then would wear to bed. She also had long black hair that was well past her waist. My grandfather said this was especially strange since during that time period women didn’t leave the house as much back then like they did today, especially in the rural area he grew up in and especially not in the evening as the sun was going down. And the fact that she was wearing bed clothes made it all the more strange. She was coming down the trail to the right. So my grandfather turned left and began to walk toward his home. She then turned onto the bridge and got halfway across it and stopped. It was then that the thought crossed my grandfather’s mind that something may have been wrong. So living in the small rural area he did he figured he probably knew whoever this was. So he began to call out the names of all the women that lived near him, he also called out the names of his mother and sisters. The woman then turned toward him and began coming his way.

He then noticed something that disturbed him. He said it looked like she was not taking steps, it’s hard to explain but he described it as, she was moving towards him but her legs were not taking steps. They stayed perfectly still as she moved across the ground toward him. He was paralyzed with shock and fear, she then got within about 8 feet from him and he noticed something that terrified him. She got close enough to him that with the short distance between them and the light from the moon, he noticed she did not have any facial features. It was like her face was just a smooth flesh colored surface, she had no eyes, no nose, no mouth, she had no facial features whatsoever. He said by then he was terrified, and he turned around and ran home as fast as he could. He said he didn’t remember much of the sprint home he only remembered being home and sitting on the floor of the kitchen being inconsolable. He said he remembers crying and shaking and feeling nauseous as his mother stood over him trying to figure out why he was in the state he was in.

After a little time when he had calmed down he told the events to his family. His father and his siblings didn’t pay him any mind. But his mother believed every word he said, partly because she was superstitious, but also because she was the only one to see how inconsolable he was when he arrived home. Time passed and he never seen whatever that thing was again. But he said that he will never forget what he saw, and that it still terrifies him to think about whatever it was on that mountain that night.