My haunted school

I remember when I was a kid that every school was built over a cemetery cliché. But my elementary school actually was built over one.

Ever since I was a little girl I was heavily interested in the paranormal and I always thought my school had something weird going on. And for some reason I was invested on proving to myself that I was right.

In 4th grade my experiments began, I purposely stayed later in my classroom, hoping something would happen. I was always alone for like ten minutes everyday in the classroom, and I waited for like 5 minutes in silence to hear something. I was slowly getting frustrated and decided to drop my experiments.

One day it happened, I was alone in my classroom putting some things away in my locker space as quickly as possible so I could join my friends in the patio. My classroom was at the end of the hallway in the second floor, so I was hurrying to catch up. I could hear the muffled voices of the other kids outside.

In one instant it was like a crowd of people talking out loud just hit me in the ears. I couldn’t understand a bit of what they were saying, but it was loud, louder that a bunch of kids playing outside. I grabbed my backpack and ran outside. When I was just by the stairs, I closed my backpack and walked to meet my friends.

I was freaked out but I didn’t say anything to anyone. I didn’t want a bunch of other kids to stay late in the classroom with me and if someone told a teacher they would think I was doing it for attention.

Some weeks passed and I wasn’t staying late anymore because I didn’t want to hear those voices again.

One day I thought it would be interesting to leave a piece of paper with a message for the ghosts hidden behind my books, I made sure nobody was there and that nobody could see it at plain sight.

And sure enough I received answers written in the paper. There were simple sentences and yes/ no answers. Since my mom was a teacher at my school I was the first kid to arrive at the classroom, so before anyone else would come I would open my message and see the answer.

Eventually I stopped doing that, because it felt wrong and I could tell the ghosts were getting a bit annoyed.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough that made me believe in ghosts and made me think I was as awesome as those ghost hunters on tv.

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