My personal encounters with spirits.

Before I start this I just want to note that even though I strongly believe in the supernatural I still look for a logical explanation before I write it off to ghosts. And these two events are short and far apart but I think I can write about them together.

So around 2018 I was seeing a girl who lived 2 hours north from where I lived. Now I did not visit her house too often but I remember it vividly. She lived with her mother in a very rural town up north and you’d have to drive some more to a small log cabin they lived in.

She told me how her house is haunted and that in the night she would hear footsteps in the living room above her even when her mother was away for work, I should mention she had her room in the basement. Not only were there footsteps but also knocking, replying to what she asked.

So fast forward to the night. We are sleeping in bed and for reference the way the room was positioned there was like a 2 meter hallway leading from the stairs to the rest of the basement and where the bed was. We were sleeping that we could see into the hallway. Around 2 or 3 am I wake up. I was confused to why I woke up, I guess just in between dreams but i turned my head to where the basement stairs were and looking right back at me was a black figure.

I froze, I knew what I saw was real cause I knew for a fact I was awake at that point. It was a black silhouette of a man, looking around the corner so I saw only the upper body. As we looked at each other for a good minute it slowly pulled back around the corner and shaken up a little I closed my eyes hoping to sleep it off. That morning I told my partner what happened and she shrugged it off as a normal occurrence but not worried cause according to her whatever it was it never came downstairs.

I don’t believe it was the last time I saw it though, later on I was eating in the kitchen and out of my peripherals I kept seeing a black silhouette of a man in the corner of the kitchen, but I thought I was shaken up still from last night. Side note their mother told me that they have two Domovois attached to her. For those who don’t know a Domovoi is a spirit from Russian folklore who lives in your house and protects it from fires and keeps it clean. But she told me a story where she left for work for a few days and her husband at the time stayed at her house who a day or two later called her yelling and freaking out about two creatures not leaving him alone there and following him around the house.

I know it sounds crazy and all over the place but it happened and I’m recalling it to the best of my ability.

Fast-forward to 2020. I’m seeing a different person and live in a different town but there was one more event that will forever be in my mind. We were in their house in the attic, it’s a living space along with some storage. I was asking a bit about the history of the house and previous owners. It was night and the lights were dim so I thought something spooky would be fun.

They told me how 3 or 4 people died in this house and actually someone hung themselves in that same attic. At that moment I felt uneasy and a chill. I started looking around the room scared to see a ghost. I looked at a corner 3 maybe 4 meters away from where we were sitting. It was a silhouette of a woman in a dress, pressed up against a corner, I’m not sure how but I’m certain it had two angry eyes looking at me.

Me and my partner jumped up, shinning a light into the corner but as expected nothing was there. I don’t remember why we stayed there little longer but I remember feeling the air get heavy there and like two icy hands were touching my shoulders and neck. We rushed downstairs and my partner grabbed sage. After using the sage on the attic there was no more occurrences with me but I don’t think it means never in my life.

Those are my two encounters which I did my best to recount and retell. Maybe you can tell me what i experienced/encountered.

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