My sister went missing 13 years ago, I just found a conversation on her old computer – BY Mycampinghorror

My little sister went missing in 2005, and the police never found her or had any real leads. They said it was possible she ran away or was abducted. No one really knew and with absolutely no clues to follow, not a whole lot they could do. My parents just moved from our home we grew up in into a condo just outside of town so they left me the old family home. When I was moving some stuff from the attic I found an old labtop in the attic and thought…

a conversation girl

what the hell. I plugged it in and to my surprise it still worked. I was actually pretty excited and after a little while I had the ancient dinosaur hooked up to the internet and was surfing the web. I pulled up the old MSN messenger and to my surprise, my sisters last conversation she had was still up. It was just like she hit the minus button up in the corner (sorry I’m not good with computers at all, I have no idea what to call it). I brought up her conversation and memories of her came flooding back and I felt my eyes swell with tears. What I read is just…. crazy. I will type up the exact conversation she had with this girl explaining what was happening to her.

Alisha- Hey what are you doing?

Debbie- Hey girl not much i’m just sitting here eating pizza rolls haha, you?

Alisha- Not much I just got home and no one is here and i’m super creeped out 🙁

Debbie- What? Why are you creeped out? I’d be having a blast!

Alisha- Well when I was walking home I looked down the ally way and I saw a man standing and staring at me, like he knew I was going to be walking by…

Debbie- Sooooo, it’s Cadillac. Tons of weird druggies.

Alisha- He started snickering at me and it was so creepy…

Debbie- Yup, definitely a druggie haha.

Alisha- No… no it wasn’t… he started saying, “Come here hehehe, Alisha come here hehehe” How the fuck did he know my name???

Debbie- That is super creepy, maybe he knows you from somewhere?

Alisha- I’ve never seen him before, he was like 40 or so… it was hard to tell though it looked like he was hiding in the shadows. Anyway I ran as quick as I could and looked back and he was poking his head in and out from behind the wall just smiling this ugly smile at me…

Debbie- What the fuck? Did he follow you?

Alisha- I don’t think so, I ran a different way home so he didn’t know right where I lived. But

Debbie- But what??

Alisha- Oh my god my door handle is jiggling…

Debbie- Is it your parents?

Alisha- No I didn’t hear the car pull in, i’m gonna look through the peep hole.

Debbie- Be careful girl, I don’t want anything to happen to my favorite pen pal!

Alisha- Oh my god… I have to call the police but I don’t wanna move to much. It’s him, something is seriously wrong with him!

Debbie- Oh my god what is happening! Hurry call the Police!

Alisha- He’s snickering again, oh my god this isn’t good I cant find the phone! Please will you call the police for me?

Debbie- Of course, where do you live?

Alisha- 14** west woodward street Cadillac Michigan

Debbie- Ok i’m calling them now!

Alisha- Thank you so much please tell them to hurry! I’m in my closet right now and I can hear him trying to get in.

Alisha- Debbie did you call them he’s trying to get in!

Debbie- Yeah sorry I just got off from the phone they are on the way. Please just hang on!

Alisha- He’s in the house oh my god he got in!

Debbie- Oh my god don’t move!

Alisha- He won’t stop snickering… something is wrong with him his voice sounds so weird. Like he has water in the back of his throat. I’m so fucking scared!

Debbie- Are you hidden pretty good?

Alisha- I’m in my closet but it has the blinds so I can see out of my bedroom door into the living room. He is literally standing and snickering, he isn’t moving at all.

Debbie- Ok that’s good, maybe he is just super high or something.

Alisha- Oh my god no he can’t be… He getting closer. That fucking smile oh my god the corner of his lips are bleeding. please god help me….

Debbie- Just hang in there, they should be there any time now!

Alisha- He keeps poking his out from behind my fucking door smiling at me! He knows I’m here he has too. He can probably hear me crying.

Debbie- Just please hang on.

Alisha- Ok he went into the kitchen. I don’t know what the fuck hes doing something is so wrong with this guy. Now he’s running from the kitchen to the living back and forth just snickering….

Debbie- Where the fuck are the police?

Alisha- Please somehow tell my family I love them please!

Debbie- Don’t say that! The police will get there any minute just hang in there!

Alisha- Hes running up to my door and waving at me in here! I’m going to die I know it he’s just toying with me!

Debbie- Sick fuck!

Debbie- Alisha? Oh god please tell me you’re ok??

Debbie- Alisha?

Debbie- ALISHA!!

Alisha- It’s ok i’m almost to your house 🙂 Be there in a minute!

Debbie- What the fuck? What do you mean? Was this whole thing a joke or something??

Alisha- 🙂

Debbie- Not funny Alisha!, BRB someone is at my door..

Alisha- 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This was where the conversation ended. I turned this into the police and yet to hear back from them. I made a copy of the conversation though so I can read it myself and find any clue what so ever. I’ll update if I find anything else.